NFL monitoring, reviewing Frank Clark case

Getty Images

Within the criminal justice system, Frank Clark, who defends the Chief’s end of defense, is faced with charges that could put him in jail for up to three years. Clark also has to worry about the NFL’s judicial system.

“We have been monitoring all developments in the matter, which is being reviewed as part of the personal code of conduct,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT early Friday evening via email.

Ultimately, Clark faces disciplinary action by the League over substantive allegations of possession of an assault weapon of a crime. Aside from the fact that if he was incarcerated, he couldn’t play, the NFL could suspend him without pay.

The fact that Clark has been charged with a felony suspends Clark’s ability to take a paid vacation. The league’s quote came in direct response to a question from PFT as to whether the case is being considered for possible paid leave.

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