Nov. 23 Bless Your Heart | Bless Your Heart

A No BYH for those doctors who are not interested in their patients’ lives or conversations. It shows that you’re there for the money, not the patient’s welfare. They might be depressed and not be able to tell you. And why do the hand movements worry people? I talk with my hands all the time. All I say is karma for them.

BYH, justice is a process, not an outcome.

BYH, if it was a black man with an assault rifle running towards a demonstration of white power groups from the police, they would be shot by the police. The Second Amendment, about the well-regulated militia that was conveniently ignored by the right-wing “Supreme” Court, is apparently only intended for whites. And can you imagine the same scenario with the guy wearing a turban?

So now it is not against the law to take an AR15 to a demonstration, kill two people and wound another. Where does it end?

Lady Justice finally got it right.

BYH Kyle. To be so beautiful in white.

BYH after Kyle Rittenhouse. I am delighted that you have been acquitted and found not guilty. This sends a message to those who riot and threaten others that true justice can be found. Kyle acted in self-defense. It was so clear. I hope this is a warning to those who feel they can do what they want. Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter what. Good luck, Kyle.

BMH. I just read John Paul II’s article, Prep Spotlight: Will McMinn, and I was so impressed! McMinn is a quality athlete and is so well spoken. That speaks volumes for the JP2 program! Well done Will.

Bless the heart of the USA. It’s nice to know that there can still be justice in our judicial system. Gives me a glimmer of hope for the future.

Bless our hearts, our judicial system now determines which political party the accused belongs to. If you happen to be at a demonstration against the Democrats on January 6th, you will be arrested and held in solitary confinement. If you loot shops and burn down buildings and beat and kill people to aid the Marxist left, you will be set free and labeled a hero. Weak men create tough times.

The creation of an “interstate” that runs between Wilson and Greenville seems to be a misnomer. The distance has not changed, nor has the stated limit of the expressway changed. So what’s the difference? We may be broke again, but we will get new street signs with a new numbered name – 587. Bless our bankrupt hearts closer to noise, air and water pollution in the name of progress.

Re: reruns of games. I don’t understand why the ECU soccer announcers have to repeat all games three or four times on the radio. Ridiculous.

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