NRA Girls: Blazing Her Own Path |, published by and for women, encompasses millions of women who experience strong sisterhood and shared values. It’s for beginners at the shooting range, lifelong gun owners, and freedom-loving patriots defending the Second Amendment. covers everything the NRA woman needs (and wants) to know as she goes her own way as a self-defender, hunter, casual plinker … and every inch of American. We bring you the very best in breaking news, second amendment, armed self-defense, weapons and equipment specifically for women and much more.

NRA women
Updated every day with a variety of articles and videos from women who are industry leaders, gun trainers, hunters, seasoned outdoor women, and more, has something to greet and fascinate.

To learn more about Second Amendment awards and grants, visit; Find out more about the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum; and will read profiles of women who are passionate about this endeavor.

Ultimately, is about you. If you are a man reading this, it is for all women in your life – wife, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, colleague – who must join the NRA in order to empower their women’s movement.

Don’t you wanna join

Visit or call 866-359-4868. Every woman who proudly supports the NRA should be heard. Your individual voice is powerful. But at we come together strongest.

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