Oak Park fugitive busted on Instagram — necklace gave him away

A wanted Texas refugee may have left his chain in the wrong place: the FBI says it found it on his Oak Park kitchen counter next to a gun he shouldn’t have.

It’s the same chain he saw on Instagram, says the FBI, which ransacked the man’s home Thursday morning and sparked his arrest and indictment.

According to a criminal complaint in the US District Court, Keyon Fails is facing fraud charges in Texas – although this is not his first run into the law. He is currently on parole on previous Ohio criminal convictions and is being monitored by the Michigan Department of Justice.

This week a Detroit judge approved a search warrant for the FBI to search his Oak Park apartment on suspicion of guns and ammunition – which is illegal due to his convicted criminal status. According to court records, when the federal agents arrived at his one-bedroom apartment, they found the following:

Fails was home when the government arrived. So was his roommate.

When searching the apartment, federal agents found a semi-automatic 9mm Taurus G3 pistol loaded with 12 cartridges on the kitchen counter.

Next to the pistol was a trailer chain that said “Big Key”.

This is the nickname Fails uses in its music videos on YouTube, where it is known as “Fwc Big Key”. It’s also his nickname and part of his Instagram username: “bigmoney.bigkey”.

“Also, the ‘Big Key’ tag next to the gun appears to be the same necklace Fails wears in photos posted on his Instagram account,” an FBI agent wrote in Thursday’s court record.

The agent attached a Feb. 24 Instagram photo of Fails, pointed a finger at the camera, and donned what the FBI thinks is the incriminating necklace.

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According to court records, Fails has an Ohio crime conviction. In 2019, he was convicted in Lucas County, Ohio, of two counterfeiting and possession of criminal tools – all of which were 12 month long. Fails has been tested for four years and is currently being monitored by the MDOC.

However, that same year he was also wanted in Texas for a pending Gregg County arrest warrant.

“He is currently a refugee from the judiciary,” the FBI agent explains.

According to court records, Fails was arrested on October 22, 2019 in Longview, Texas, for fraud. He was bailed out the following day and then divided the city.

No errors occurred during a trial. An arrest warrant was issued against him last month. The FBI found him in his Oak Park apartment.

“Fails knew he was a ‘fugitive from justice’,” the agent wrote in his affidavit. “Fails knew there were criminal charges pending against him in Texas … (but) refused to answer those allegations by failing to appear at a scheduled trial.”

And he had a gun when he wasn’t supposed to have one, the agent concluded.

Fails first appeared in federal court in Detroit on Thursday afternoon. He was temporarily detained pending a hearing on March 8, when a judge will decide whether to release or detain him. His lawyer appointed by the court was not readily available for comment.

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