Officers describe standoff on Green Bay’s west side

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WBAY) – An attempted murder has been filed against a man accused of shooting police during an armed standoff in Green Bay.

The 29-year-old Tou Vang is charged with attempted first degree murder (use of dangerous weapons, repeaters). The charges were filed in Brown County on April 1.

The fees are based on a standoff on December 27, 2020 on the west side of Green Bay.

That Sunday, the police received information about the whereabouts of Tou Vang, who was being wanted on an arrest warrant. At around 11 a.m., officials followed him to the 2600 block on Victoria Street. The officers spotted Vang in a vehicle and followed him.

Officers turned on lights and sirens and tried to pull him over. Vang did not stop and drove on through the city streets. He walked west over Mason Street Bridge and then to W. Walnut Ave. Police performed a PIT maneuver and stopped Vang near the intersection with Shawano Ave.

The video shows Vang armed with a pistol and shooting a marked patrol car. A few minutes later, Vang aimed his gun out of the driver’s side window and pointed at officers according to the criminal complaint.

One officer said Vang aimed the gun directly at him. The officer said he had to act quickly “because he felt it was a death trap.”

“He remembered thinking that this was what he was going to be shot. He indicated that he had seen Vang turn the gun into his left hand and he stuck his left arm out the window and fired a shot. He said it looked like Vang’s arm was pointing at him, ”the criminal complaint read.

The complaint continues: “Vang had the gun in his hand and looked very nervous, nervous, looked around and pointed the gun everywhere.”

The dash cam video shows Vang getting out of the vehicle. An officer shoots Vang’s vehicle several times. Vang ducks and disappears behind the car.

There is an armed stalemate. Officers say they tried to convince Vang to lay down his gun and “end this peacefully”.

Vang dropped his pistol through the driver’s side window. At 2:14 p.m., Vang surrendered. Nobody was hurt.

Detectives recovered a 9mm semi-automatic pistol from the scene.

Vang is expected to appear in court on Friday.


The 29-year-old is charged in a separate case with reckless endangering of safety, disability, and first-degree possession with intent to deliver meth. The charges in Action 2 News’ complaint relate to an attempted arrest on November 17th in the 2000 block of Imperial Lane.

On that day, officials were told that Vang, a man with a “violent history” and a request for a battery, was at an address on Imperial. The officers found a man who matched Wang’s description, got into an SUV and left a parking lot. One of the officers approached with the emergency lights activated. “The vehicle seemed to accelerate as soon as I did this and maneuvered past me,” said a report from the officer.

Another officer was able to cut off the SUV on the south side of the road. The first officer drew his pistol and pointed it at the vehicle. Then a rear passenger door opened.

K-9 Pyro was used. He started barking. A woman in the background started screaming and got out of the vehicle. She followed the officers’ instructions to go out into the street with her hands outstretched.

Police say a man in the back seat refused to follow instructions to show his hands. He was later identified as Tou Vang. The driver was ordered out of the vehicle. Then Vang jumped from the back seat to the driver’s seat and accelerated “quickly” towards K-9 Pyro and his handler.

Police say the vehicle narrowly missed K-9 Pyro and its handlebars.

The handler stated, “I started backing down at this point and also pulling K-9 Pyro back over to me. The vehicle continued to drive towards me and I continued to drive back to get out of the vehicle’s path. I could only back up about three feet and then hit my back on my patrol car. I continued to pull K9 Pyro towards me as the vehicle approached both K9 Pyro and me. At that moment, I had the feeling that I was being run over by this vehicle. I pulled K-9 Pyro closer to myself until K-9 Pyro’s forefeet was off the ground, and leaned back in my patrol vehicle as far as I could. The vehicle narrowly missed me and K-9 Pyro, and I could feel the wind pulling past me as the vehicle passed. The driver’s mirror was so close to me as the vehicle passed that I could feel the wind from the mirror as it passed me, and then the wind from the rear of the vehicle. “

Vang drove east on Imperial Lane at high speed.

The officers were unable to catch up with Vang, who, according to the complaint, was blowing stop signs and driving at high speed. Vang dropped the car in the 2300 Town Hall Rd area.

Police and a Brown County K-9 attempted to track down Vang but were unable to find him.

Police searched the vehicle and found meth, drug paraphernalia, a cell phone and a BB gun, according to the complaint.

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