Official: Man suspected of killing NYPD officer has died

NEW YORK (AP) — The man who shot two New York City police officers at a Harlem apartment, killing one of them and leaving another in critical condition, died Monday of injuries he sustained, as did a third officer shot him, a police officer told The Associated Press.

Lashawn J. McNeil, 47, ripped open a bedroom door and opened fire on officers Friday as they responded to a house call, authorities said. Officer Sumit Sulan, a freshman shadowing the two wounded officers, shot McNeil as he tried to escape, hitting him in the head and arm, police said.

McNeil died at Harlem Hospital Monday afternoon, according to the officer, who was not authorized to speak publicly and did so on condition of anonymity.

Three officers arrived at the home after receiving a call from a woman who needed help with McNeil, her son, officials said. They spoke to the woman and another son, but there was no mention of a gun. Then two of the officers walked down a narrow hallway from the front of the apartment, authorities said.

McNeil then opened the door and shot the officers. The gun he used was a .45-caliber Glock stolen from Baltimore in 2017 that was fitted with a high-capacity magazine that could hold up to 40 additional rounds, said NYPD detective chief James Essig. Police said Monday they found a loaded semi-automatic rifle under McNeil’s mattress during a weekend search of the home.

Officer Jason Rivera, 22, was killed and Officer Wilbert Mora, 27, was seriously injured. Mora was transferred from Harlem Hospital to NYU Langone Medical Center on Sunday.

Rivera, 22, entered the police academy in November 2020 and had been assigned to Harlem’s 32nd Precinct since graduating last May. According to police files, he had made 15 arrests in his short career.

In an essay at the police academy, he wrote that he became an officer to “improve the relationship between the community and the police force,” and admitted to unpleasant experiences with the police growing up in Manhattan’s Inwood neighborhood.

Mora, 27, joined the academy in October 2018 and has been assigned to the Harlem County since November 2019. He has suffered 33 arrests, police records show.

McNeil was paroled for a drug conviction in New York City in 2003 and has also had several out-of-state arrests.

In 1998 he was arrested in South Carolina for unlawfully carrying a handgun, but records show the matter was later dropped. In 2002, he was arrested in Pennsylvania for assaulting a police officer, Essig said.


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