Oklahoma County MPs Arrest Teenagers in Connection with Homicide; Suspect claims Sagittarius was recently charged with another homicide

OKLAHOMA COUNTY (KFOR) – A 15-year-old from Harrah is accused of participating in the murder of an Oklahoma County man and claims the actual shooting was carried out by a 17-year-old who was charged last week for allegedly killing one Man was arrested, possibly his stepfather.

Cameron John Long, 15, of Harrah, is suspected of the first degree murder in the death of Stephen Courtemanche in an apartment building on Block 21300 in East Reno, Oklahoma County. Courtemanche’s body was discovered on August 28.

A likely affidavit says Long was interviewed by Rep. Michael Belanger in the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Woman, teenage son arrested after remains found in Oklahoma County arson investigation

Long reportedly told Belanger that he was present at the time of the murder and that 17-year-old Robert Stockton Jr. shot and killed Courtemanche. Stockton was arrested in Lincoln County last week for the alleged shooting of a man whose body was cremated in Harrah.

“It is important to note that Mr. Stockton is not charged with the murder of Mr. Courtemanche, we are still investigating these allegations, we are investigating them,” said Aaron Brilbeck, spokesman for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

The 15-year-old said Stockton approached him and asked him to accompany him to the East Reno residence because he was going to kill a person named Jesse and take his guns.

Courtemanche was the only person in the house, however. The person Stockton referred to as Jesse no longer lived in the house but still held two rifles there.

Long said on the way to the house she was picking up a male Stockton. Long said he didn’t know the man’s name.

Robert Stockton Jr.

He said they arrived at the apartment and the unidentified man kicked the front door of the house. Then they went through the living room and down a hallway towards a bedroom.

“Long explained that Robert Stockton aimed his 9mm pistol in the bedroom and started shooting. Long stated that the gun stuck and Robert Stockton inserted another magazine into the handgun and started firing again, ”the affidavit read.

“He was a troublemaker,” says the Harrah woman’s tip on the arrest of a teenager and mother suspected of fatal arson in Oklahoma County

Long said he could see the victim’s body on the floor, lit by the light of a television screen.

Stockton and his nameless accomplice went into a nearby bedroom, retrieved two gun cases, took two rifles out of them, and put them in a travel bag before returning to Stockton’s pickup and leaving, according to Long.

Investigators said in the affidavit that one of the stolen weapons was an AK-47.

“This was one of those cases where Mr. Courtemanche appeared to be a good man,” said Brilbeck. “The family didn’t deserve that. He certainly didn’t deserve that. “

Stockton was taken into custody last week.

After the interview, the authorities took Long to the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

Investigators developed Long as a person of interest while investigating Stockton and interviewing two adolescent women who knew the 17-year-old.

The first woman told investigators that Stockton had a 9mm pistol and had recently acquired an AK-47 rifle.

The second woman said Stockton told her he gave Long his 9mm pistol.

Belanger then found out about a Snapchat video showing Long in possession of an AK-47 rifle.

Brilbeck said investigators had not yet questioned Stockton about Courtemanche’s murder.

He also confirmed that there is a third suspect in the Courtemanche murder, but information on that suspect is not yet released.

New details revealed after human remains were found in arson investigations

Stockton and his mother Maryann Beal Cannon were arrested last week in connection with the murder of a man who could be his stepfather. He is believed to have shot and killed the man, and she is said to have helped him cover it up by burning the body and later the house in early August.

The man’s remains were found last week.

A witness told investigators that Stockton killed his stepfather. He said he saw Stockton enter the bathroom of the house and heard four or five gunshots a few minutes later.

He told investigators that he then saw Stockton’s stepfather “dead in the bathtub”.

Investigators are still working to determine if the male victim is Stockton’s stepfather.


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