ONLY DICKS: While Gun Shops are Swarmed with Prospects, Dick’s Furloughs 40,000 Employees

Dick is in Bloomington, IL on Tuesday afternoon April 8th. Photo by John Boch.

Gun stores across America have long lines of customers waiting to get inside. Dick’s Sporting Goods did not.

Some time ago, CEO Ed Stack took the strategic step of removing America’s favorite rifle and other hot-selling modern sporting rifles from Dick’s shelves. More recently, he has ordered an end to arms sales in many of his stores.

In addition, Mr. Stack hired a lobbyist to urge Congress to pass more gun legislation.

So while every other gun shop across America has more shops than they can shake with a stick …

Coronavirus Gun Sales StorePeople wait in line to enter a gun shop in Culver City, California. (AP Photo / Ringo HW Chiu)

Ed Stack’s stores look like ghost towns.

For about 40,000 employees in the chain, their boss’s poor decision-making has left them without paychecks. Just in time for Easter. I think I’d love to see what Mr. Stack gets from his staff on National Boss’s Day.

CNN Business shared the news with the world.

Dick’s Sporting Goods finds it difficult to operate without exercise, the gym, or other physical activity.

If Dick’s Sporting Goods were still selling popular self-defense weapons, magazines, and ammunition, they would have enough income to keep their doors open and keep their employees on the payroll. Instead, Ed Stacks’ poor business strategy of placing vigilance above business considerations has dire consequences for his employees.

The sporting goods retailer (SIC), which will employ a “significant number” of around 40,000 employees from Sunday. Affected employees continue to receive their benefits.

Try to buy groceries with your health insurance card.

Dick’s (DKS) said in an application for approval that due to the coronavirus it is becoming “increasingly obvious” that the more than 800 stores will not reopen anytime soon. It will employ a small number of staff to handle online orders and roadside collections.

If only they carried items that Americans really want to buy during a national emergency.

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