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Here are three assumptions that need to be changed:

First, this is what the Second Amendment says: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Contrary to the extremely activist, politicized Supreme Court’s perversion of the above sentence, a common sense interpretation thereof clearly indicates that once a “well-regulated militia” HAS been organized – in this case the National Guard – that the purpose for the second half of the sentence to exist is no longer extant (does not exist). That is, once the said Militia has been quite properly regulated into existence, any right to bear arms obviously is not dependent on such requirement and therefore should be based on more general considerations of the public safety, health and pursuit of happiness.

Also, as a student of science, I might point out that the current discussion regarding an appropriate age to purchase firearms, much less an instrument of modern war and mega-death like the “civilian” version of the M16 (AR15) is a “ no-brainer” regarding 21 years as a minimum purchase age. In fact, today’s understanding of the human mind proves that our maturity actually does not occur until the age of 25.

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Another more scientific-based correction of current “common knowledge” is how the dismal scientists of economics calculate inflation. These well-intentioned but poorly based analysts base their definition simply on the movement of prices from one calendar year to another. A more relevant perspective would be to make the calculation from one normative period to another. That is, when considering an extensive unusual event like a pandemic fall and rise in activity, make the calculation between the before and after normative periods.

This would represent reality more accurately than the simpleton calendar approach, for example considering gas prices of today relevant to what they were before they plunged with economic activity in March of 2020 (and have recently recovered from there).

In the political sphere, of course the news reporters should emphasize that the US inflation rate is simply an element of a world-wide inflation due to a world-wide pandemic and Putin’s war of the past half year, which altered the world’s supply of food and energy (hardly the result of our current president’s actions entirely).

A third fun fact of today’s reality is that the shortage of workers in this country is experiencing has an easy solution waiting at the borders: Immigrants who have served this purpose throughout our history. Served, that is, when xenophobia is not a major political tool of a certain political party.

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