Our Opinion: Downtown makes the most of a bad break | Editorial

In December, DGI also asked for donations to fund 250 meals a day for 25 days for Self-defense City Department customers.

Those who needed a meal were fed.

And the restaurants that prepared these meals paid for them.

A previous, similar program funded 3,400 meals for frontline workers doing COVID testing over 34 days.

Working with United Way and the Self-defense Merchants Association, the DGI’s Retail Revitalization Grant program raised $ 115,000 to help small businesses.

As downtown awaits its time for Self-defense to reopen fully and safely, pay tribute to DGI CEO and President Zack Matheny and his staff for their ingenuity.

Of course, what downtown needs most is for this easy-to-source and hard-to-kill pandemic to be over.

Matheny said in an interview with an editor last week that he hopes the tide will turn in October.

“In October, I think the doors will really open,” he said.

With vaccinations going on, albeit not without frustrations and bottlenecks, a virus outbreak that seemed to have no end will eventually wane.

And the city center will be back to normal. Or will it?

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