Ox Pro Rodless Cartridge Gun Review

Ox Pro Rodless Caulk Gun works in tight spaces without sacrificing power

The Ox Pro Rodless Caulk Gun has a very unusual design compared to most caulk guns. We wanted to know what its strength is and whether its benefits are worth buying. So we invited some of our favorites and got to work.


  • The pole-less design fits into smaller spaces
  • Simple resetting of the piston
  • Belt hook included
  • Integrated tip cleaner
  • More comfortable handle design than most cartridge guns


Using the Ox Pro Rodless Cartridge Gun

There is no question that Ox’s rodless design is very different from most cartridge guns on the market. Each time you pull the trigger, you move the plunger forward on the end of what is essentially a very strong tape measure blade.

When we started testing, our main concern was whether the blade could squeeze some of the toughest sealants we use without kinking. We loaded some OSI Quad Max sealant and left the tip with just a small opening. Despite the incredibly thick consistency and small opening, the pusher had the strength to apply it.

However, that’s not the ideal use for this weapon. With a thrust ratio of 7: 1, it is better suited for latex and silicone. Still, it’s nice to know that the mechanism is stronger than it needs to be.

To reset the plunger, press the silver release button on the back and send the black pusher on top of the tool forward. It’s a very simple reset process.

The rodless design is more than just a novelty. It gets into tighter spaces, especially when you’re at the start of a new tube.

Design highlights of the rodless cartridge pistol Ox Pro

  • The riveted and reinforced cage has a durable construction
  • Nylon handle is more comfortable than most metal handles
  • Belt hook
  • Pipe cleaning pin attached to the underside of the frame

Ox Pro Rodless Cartridge Gun Price

Amazon is the best place to buy this. It costs $ 39.99 and is Prime ready. Ox gives a one-year guarantee on the cartridge pistol.

The bottom line

Although more expensive than standard sealing guns with rods, the Ox Pro Rodless sealing gun is really convenient to use. Even if you’re not working in particularly tight spaces, it’s more comfortable than most, and we certainly don’t miss a bar that protrudes backwards. Combined with a sturdy construction, we recommend Ox the next time you are looking for a new cartridge gun.


  • Model: OX-P044910
  • Thrust ratio: 7: 1
  • Capacity: 10 ounces
  • Length: 13 1/2 inches
  • Price: $ 39.99
  • 1 year warranty

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