Parole officer charged over indiscretions

Allegedly, the probation officer gave a gun and forged her documents
A Union County probation officer was charged with improper conduct towards one of those he was supposed to be overseeing.
The Union County Grand Jury has indicted Keith F. Siegmann, 46, of North Port, Florida. Siegmann is accused twice of having a handicapped weapon and of manipulating evidence once.

According to information from the Marysville Division of Police, investigators received a February 2019 report from the Ohio Department of Corrections by an adult probation officer and probation officer: “An improper personal and business relationship with someone under his direct supervision and control.”
According to court records, the person under the supervision of Siegmann, Morgan Tumeo, 28, has an extensive criminal history, including more than a dozen falsification convictions, as well as burglary, theft, property theft and drug offenses. In addition, she has not appeared in court in the past and has violated community control sanctions. She has been sent to prison several times.
When she was released from prison, she was placed under community control. Siegmann was used as her probation officer.

In January 2018, Siegmann prepared and submitted records showing that Tumeo had done 72 hours of community service and was due to be credited with nearly $ 600 for legal expenses.
Investigators claim “She didn’t actually do the job.”
Officials claim Siegmann took Tumeo to a shooting range so she could handle and use an AR15 rifle, a 9mm pistol, and a .380 pistol.
Since Tumeo was convicted of a violent crime, she is forbidden to have or use guns.
Investigators allege that their supervisor, Siegmann, “fraudulently created court documents to allow a subject to be released from community control without meeting the requirements set by the Common Pleas Court.”
In May 2018, Siegmann signed a document stating that Tumeo had reported to her manager as instructed, had fulfilled all financial obligations to the court, had completed both the drug court and the Thinking for a Change program, had no further criminal behavior and “adhered to all conditions imposed by their inspector. “
In the document he submitted to the court, Siegmann recommended that the court exempt Tumeo from community control. He also submitted and signed documents asking the court to waive the refund of thousands of dollars to the victim.
As a result of the investigation, Marysville detectives carried out several search warrants on Tumeo’s Delaware home.
“During the search, a Siegmann semi-automatic .380 pistol was found in the subject’s bedroom closet,” said information from the Marysville Division of Police.
Officials with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitations and Corrections, the authority responsible for the Adult Parole Authority, said Siegmann, who was hired in March 1997, resigned on April 25, 2019. At the time of his retirement, Siegmann was making $ 31.18 an hour.
In November 2019, Tumeo pleaded guilty in the Delaware County Common Pleas Court to having guns under disability. It was placed under community control for three years. As part of the set, she may not own, use, or possess any firearms. Her community control was changed to allow her to use medical marijuana.
Union County Attorney Dave Phillips has asked the Ohio Attorney General for a special attorney “to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest” because Siegmann worked closely with the local prosecutor as a probation officer.
If Siegmann is convicted in all respects, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

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