Passaic Sheriff: Passenger Reaches For Loaded Gun In Paterson Cease, Driver Armed, Too

Both a Paterson driver and passenger were carrying loaded guns when two Passaic County sheriff officers stopped them, authorities said.

Officers Peter Pelle and Angelo Calabro stopped the black Chrysler van North Main Street because of multiple traffic violations, Sheriff Richard Berdnik said.

As he got out of the van, 19-year-old passenger Dontre Williams suddenly grabbed his jacket, Berdnik said.

Calabro immediately grabbed Williams, patted him, and pulled a 9mm Taurus G3c semi-automatic pistol out of his jacket, Berdnik said.

When Calabro took him into custody, Pelle grabbed the driver Rashon Q. Gillison (34), who according to the sheriff also carried a 9 mm pistol, a semi-automatic SCCY CPX-1 pistol with a red dot sight and an illegible series number.

Gillison, whose driver’s license was suspended, also carried 21 Percocet tablets, he said.

A search of the van revealed more tablets and two zippered pot bags, said Berdnik.

City police, along with Passaic County’s sheriff officials and prosecutor’s detectives, have focused on getting illegal weapons off the streets in the silk city’s deadliest year in three decades.

A man found shot dead in a gas station parking lot on Wednesday became the 23rd victim to be shot dead in Paterson this year.

Some Accuse COVID: Paterson Man Shot, City Murders Break 30-Year High

Williams and Gillison were taken to Passaic County Jail to await their first appearance in the Central Judicial Processing Court on drug and gun charges. Gillison also received several traffic requests.

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