Paterson PD: Fleeing Ex-Con Caught With Loaded Handgun, PCP

Paterson detectives confiscated a loaded pistol and an ounce of PCP from an ex-Passaic con man while arresting him and two others, authorities said Friday.

In response to local residents’ complaints, investigators focused on the 16th Avenue neighborhood between East 18th Street and Rosa Parks Boulevard, said Jerry Speziale, director of public safety.

They arrested two men Thursday night that Speziale said had to do: ex-con Tariq Holly, 29, and Lamir Murray, 26, from Paterson, he said.

Holly was released last November after serving 16 months in Passaic County State Prison on drug and gun convictions.

He was carrying a 9mm SCCY CPX-1 pistol when detectives followed him around 6 p.m., Speziale said.

Holly and Murray also had a 1-ounce bottle of PCP and more than two dozen sacks of pot for sale, he said.

Also arrested was a 35-year-old Paterson man who, according to the director, bought a PCP cigarette from the couple.

Both Holly and Murray have been charged with various drug offenses.

Holly was also charged with escaping and convicted as a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

Detectives also confiscated $ 1,192 drug sales from the couple, Speziale said.

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