Paterson police arrest three, seize medicine, weapon in 16th Avenue bust

Public security director Jerry Speziale said police carried out a bust on 16th Avenue Thursday that arrested three people, drugs and a gun.

Lamir Murray, 26, of Paterson; Tariq Holly, 29, of Passaic City; Yamil Egipciaco, 35, of Paterson, was arrested at 6 p.m. while working on 16th Avenue between East 18th Street and Rosa Parks Boulevard

Murray and Holly have been charged with numerous drug offenses. Holly was also charged with gun offenses. Egipciaco was charged with drug possession.

The police confiscated a bottle of PCP, 36 grams; a cigarette dipped in PCP; and 25 bags of marijuana.

Holly tried to escape from the police but could not escape. A 9 mm SCCY CPX-1 pistol with 7 cartridges was confiscated from him.

Police also recovered US $ 1,192 in cash.

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