Paul Murray Arrested Outside Naval Observatory; Faces Weapons Charges

People walking and driving past in Washington DC on Wednesday observed a man in police custody outside the United States Naval Observatory, where the Vice President’s residence is located. This man has now been identified as a 31-year-old Paul Murray from Texas.

Fox 5 DC reported that Murray has faced gun charges, including possession of unregistered ammunition, possession of a large capacity ammunition feeder, and carrying a dangerous weapon. The BOLO warning shared by the Fox 5 DC reporter Lindsay Watts points out that Murray was suffering from a mental crisis. The former army drone operator was medically discharged from the military in 2014 and had recently bought an AR-15. He even announced to his mother that he had gone to DC to “take care of his problem.”

Bolo says he was an army drone operator who took up service in 2010 and dismissed medically in 2014. He recently complained to the police that he had not received VA support and was not taking any prescribed medication. Also recently bought AR-15, pro police.

– Lindsay Watts (@LindsayAWatts) March 17, 2021

“The subject has experienced paranoid delusions from people, mainly the military and government, who are after him and want to kill him. He recently bought an AR-15 and may have it in his possession, ”the warning reads. “Mom got a message from home this morning that he was in Washington DC and would take care of his problem.”

Authorities found that Murray had “much longer” hair than when he took his driver’s license photo. The picture of him at the top of this story matches that description.

Other details state that Murray reported to police in October 2020 that he believed he was “drugged” or “poisoned” while on a trip to Japan. On March 3rd, he believed he had been attacked overseas by a group called the “3 Stones”. Two days prior to this contact with the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, he contacted the College Station Police Department. He went to the department’s lobby and said he had not “gotten enough support from the VA or the local police” and “was prescribed medication, but he immediately stopped taking all of them because of” intense “side effects” when ” Subject activity “Summary”.

NBC 4 Washington Scott MacFarlane reported that the authorities were looking for someone in the area. The man allegedly had a “long gun” and a “large amount” of ammunition in a car that was in a parking garage in the city.

In late January it was reported that Vice President Kamala Harris (D) and her husband Douglas Emhoff I wouldn’t be moving to Observatory Circle number one yet as the residence was under renovation. Instead, you lived in Blair House.

UPDATE: New information from DC police made it clear that there was a regional lookout for this man. NO special lookout of the US Capitol Police

– Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) March 17, 2021

Another previous report indicated that Murray’s Chevy Impala with Texas license plates was found in a garage at “600 [block of] Massachusetts Ave NW, ”about a 15-minute drive from the gates of the Naval Observatory.

Update: MAN’S CHEVY IMPALA with Texas tags is located in a garage on 600-block Massachusetts Ave NW-DC. Bomb technician and hunting dog conduct routine searches of the car. One report suggested he owns an AR15. @PenguinSix @PoPville

– Alan Henney (@alanhenney) March 17, 2021

Andrew Leyden (@PenguinSix) filmed video showing the man identified as Murray while he was incarcerated.

In response to an anchor denying the heavy police presence on Massachusetts Ave. photographed, Leyden noted that he saw these police cars fly by and “probably this place”.

FWIW I was walking between the Vice President’s location where I filmed the Mass Ave arrest, and many of the police cars that used to come from the Naval Observatory flew down Mass Avenue, probably to that location.

– Andrew Leyden (@PenguinSix) March 17, 2021

[Image via YouTube/Penguinsix screengrab]

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