Pawtucket man sentenced to prison in Providence gun case

PROVIDENCE, RI – A Pawtucket man was sentenced to one year in an adult correctional facility in connection with his arrest last year by Providence Police.

Giovanni Depina, 20, filed a plea on Tuesday for Nolo contenders to carry a pistol without authorization, Attorney General Peter F. Neronha said in a press release. Depina appeared before Providence Superior Court, where Judge Kristin E. Rodgers was suspended for five years at ACI with one year tenure and suspended.

Providence Police stopped a car on Broad Street on March 8, 2020 and confiscated a loaded gun. According to police, the car was driving with the headlights off while Depina was in the passenger seat. Officials said they smelled marijuana and Depina admitted to having marijuana in his possession. During a search of the vehicle, officers confiscated a loaded SCCY CPX-2 9mm pistol from under Depina’s seat. Depina, who was not licensed to carry it, later admitted to officers that he owned the pistol, police said.

“Traveling the streets of Providence with a loaded gun is dangerous to local residents and law enforcement,” Neronha said. “While it is impossible to know the defendant’s intentions regarding the firearm he had hidden under his seat, the fact is that it was easy to access, he was mobile, and his mobility was camouflaged by the lack of headlights . When a defendant poses such a potential danger, even for a defendant as young as this, imprisonment is clearly warranted. ”

Providence Public Safety Officer Steven M. Paré made a statement. “Individuals in possession and circulation of illegal firearms pose a serious threat of violence to the public, and removing weapons from our streets is a top priority for Providence police,” he said.

Neronha and Paré praised the Providence police who had confiscated the loaded gun.

Deputy Attorney General Gregory Abilheirar led the investigation and prosecution of the case.

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