People still think I let Lewis Hamilton pass me on purpose in 2008

Timo Glock says there are still people who believe he deliberately slowed down in Interlagos in 2008 to enable Lewis Hamilton to win the world title.

Probably the most dramatic climax of a Formula 1 season occurred at the Brazilian Grand Prix when it began to rain heavily during the final eight laps.

Hamilton, who narrowly missed the world title in his debut season last year, only needed fifth place in Brazil to take the title, even if his closest rival Felipe Massa won the race.

Massa took the checkered flag for Ferrari in front of his home crowd and seemed ready to snatch the crown as Hamilton battled Sebastian Vettel for an important fifth place.

The Brit couldn’t get past the Toro Rosso, but just as his hopes seemed to fade, Glock, who was fourth and had chosen to stay on dry tires, was slowly spotted in his Toyota and overtaken by Vettel and Hamilton. who won the first of his seven world titles.

Massa’s cheers were heartbreakingly short-lived and he never won another Formula 1 race after missing the title by just one point.

He and Glock were reunited for a Sky F1 interview with Martin Brundle at this year’s Sao Paulo Grand Prix – and the German announced he is still receiving negative feedback for the unwitting role he played in the result.

“There are still people who think I did it on purpose,” said the 39-year-old, who is now an expert at Sky Deutschland and a DTM racing driver.

“I’ve read comments where I said that this interview is coming up, people say, ‘Ah, it’s really interesting to see you explain to Felipe that you opened the door like this and didn’t fight Lewis.’ .

“I’m going to the airport when I left Brazil, I had a police escort to the airport. I even got letters to my family at home to my parents who were really under the limit. “

Glock revealed that when he realized his venture not to stop for intermediate tires had failed, he couldn’t correct it because the pit lane in the closing stages of the race was a scene of crowd delirium where people thought Massa would have won the championship.

“At one point I said (on team radio) ‘Folks, I don’t think we’ll survive the last two laps,’” Glock recalled.

“In any case, there is no longer any chance of getting in because the whole preparation for the award ceremony was already underway – everyone freaked out because he was [Massa] was actually world champion at that moment.

“They said, ‘You can’t come in, the pit lane is closed, you have to stay outside’.

“It’s still hard for me to see that I was in that position to decide the championship, to see how much emotion went down the road.”

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