Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Gun Review

Paintball lovers and all the Planet Eclipse Gtek reviews rave about the Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R and it’s hard not to understand why. The Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R is an upgrade from its predecessor, the Gtek 160R, and has a number of great features. A great choice for beginners or amateur paintball players. The paintball gun definitely sets the standard when it comes to offering quality features at a fraction of the price.

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While not far from the Gtek 160R, the 170R offers one major change that makes the paintball experience a lot more enjoyable. Read on for our full Planet Eclipse GTEK Review.

How does it differ from the Planet Eclipse Gtek 160R?

The main change is that the Gtek 170R planetary eclipse does not have the air transfer tube that carries air from the tank to the regulator. Instead, the controller is located in the trigger frame. Now, this means that your middle distance marker now looks and feels like a top-end tournament paintball gun.

Additionally, the Planetary Eclipse Gtek 160R uses a curved trigger, while the Planetary Eclipse Gtek 170R comes with a blade trigger.

main features


The design of the planet Eclipse Gtek 170R is really great with its streamlined milling. The presence of the Slick Blade trigger allows for four-way adjustment that feels very nice in your hands. Another really great feature is that you no longer have to unscrew the ASA to degas the paintball marker from your air duct system. Now a simple click is enough. This is particularly useful after a long game day.

The Gtek 170R bolt system allows you to shoot brittle paintballs in the cold or during a high-end tournament. It operates at a very low 135 psi. However, it is important to note that the paintball marker only works with compressed air or high pressure. It doesn’t work with CO2

The design of the 170R is primarily made of aircraft grade aluminum, which makes it more durable and robust. This also means that it will have a longer lifespan than its predecessor, the planetary eclipse Gtek 160R. The aluminum allows for better structure of the front handle and the handle of the trigger frame, which gives the paintball gun a stronger feel.

Efficiency and reliability

The paintball company Planet Eclipse Gtek is known for their unmatched reliability, shot quality / shooting performance and ergonomics at an affordable price. Originally, the series exposed the paintball industry to the gamma core drive train and paintball stud system. The screw system was seen as extremely reliable, efficient and quiet. Because of the gamma core drivetrain, the paintball gun creates a low key tone signature when firing. You can be sure that your hiding place will not be compromised.

The Gtek slide valve marker uses the breech detection technology which makes it possible to cover the combustion chamber in the middle of the shot, saving you a lot of valuable air. This feature comes in handy when it’s time to refill as you won’t be left behind like other players who may have to stop to refill their gas tanks. With the Gtek, you can keep going in the play zone and get great performance.

Easy to clean and maintain

The 170R is easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is remove the corners of your eyes and the best part is that you can actually do this without the screws. It is also quite easy to remove the battery and gamma core system (bolts).

The 9 volt battery has been removed from the handle frame and is now in the front handle so that the regulator of the 170R is adjustable on the underside of the handle frame.


Omitting the AT makes the 170R paintball guns lighter and more flexible in how to handle the guns because it allows for a tighter profile. The 170R comes standard with a 4 cylinder auto cocker threaded shaft with a 68.9 bearing bore.


The Eclipse 170R paintball gun has a tubeless design and tool-free access for changing batteries. To access the 9 volt battery, just pull down the front rubber handle. The batteries are protected in a closed plastic frame.

More comfort

The paintball gun comes with a clamp feed neck, which ensures that the funnel remains compact and tight. The rubber grips are well positioned on the frame and thus offer more comfort when handling the paintball gun.

Additional functions

One of the best things about the Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R paintball gun is that a mid-range marker not only has powerful features but also has a number of great accessories that will help you enjoy your paintball gun better.

The paintball gun works well even after storage at low temperatures. This means that the gun will still perform well and be durable even under high pressure conditions or loads. The downside is that the Gtek 170R paintball guns are not fully protected against factory problems. As a result, if your gun is defective, especially the color design of the stretch poison, there is not much that can be done.

The Gtek 170R comes with a 4-way adjustable blade trigger.

The OLED panel is a great addition to the GTek 170R, making it a great and useful choice among professional painters. The OLED card makes it easy to change settings and check the battery level.

The Planet Eclipse Gtek paintball gun series once again offers reliability, high performance, efficiency and quality. Overall, this is a great choice if you are looking for a paintball gun that offers high performance without breaking the bank.

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