Police are investigating gunfire injuring the dog

Clarksdale had a relatively quiet weekend with police reports of gunfire in various neighborhoods, a car break-in with a stolen gun, and an attempted break-in.

Clarksdale Assistant Chief Norman Starks has asked anyone with information about these incidents to make the city safer for all and to call the Clarksdale Police Department at 621-8156, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, or simply dial 911, remain anonymous, and cash is paid to those who provide information that leads to the investigation of a crime.

Shots fired

The Clarksdale Police Department responded to the following appeal launched:

• 600 block on Leflore Street – It was reported that shots were fired in the area but nothing was found.

• 900 block Hacket Cove – Shots were reported but nothing was found in the area.

• 800 block Schulstrasset – Subject shot a dog and injured the dog’s leg as the dog allegedly tried to attack the subject. The authorities are still investigating this incident.

Police are asking local residents to call them immediately if they hear gunshots in their neighborhood, indicate the location where the gunshot came from, and police will respond to the crime scene and look for evidence.

Firing gunshots within Clarksdale city limits is an administrative offense but can be turned into a crime if the person shooting has a previous conviction for a specific crime or if the shooting was intentional with the intent of causing hatred, harm or fear .

Car break-in

Clarksdale police responded to a report of a car break-in over the weekend on Blues Alley.

In the incident, a 9mm pistol was reported stolen and a bag of clothing was taken from the vehicle.

The police reminded the population not to leave valuables in the car.

Burglary into the house

Someone tried to break into a house on the 2100 block of Center Street over the weekend.

The police were called to the scene and saw that there was apparently an attempt to break into the apartment through the front door, no entry was granted and, according to the police report, nothing was taken.

Anyone convicted of breaking and entering an apartment or an inside door of an apartment, whether armed with a lethal weapon or not, and even if the apartment building is unoccupied at the time the crime is committed, with the intention of committing a crime , will be held in custody by the Mississippi Department of Corrections for a minimum of three years and no longer than 25 years.

The offense is increased if the person has a criminal record for burglary.

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