Police arrest men on drug and firearm charges | North Fulton Neighbor

Roswell police arrested two men on drug and gun charges after the couple tried to flee police.

Anthony Trae Welles, 26, of Roswell, and Alexander Steven Brown, 35, of Atlanta, were driving down Warschauer Strasse when their car was marked for an expired registration. When the officer turned on his lights and began to follow, the couple fled to the Olive Garden parking lot and continued onto Holcomb Bridge Road.

Support officers were called and the police were able to arrest the men without incident. During the search of the car, the police discovered nine ecstasy pills, marijuana, an AR-15 and an SCCY-9 mm pistol. Police say the drugs belonged to Welles.

According to police, the two swapped seats on the run from Welles and Brown because Brown had a suspended license. Welles told the police he didn’t want to change but he did anyway.

Brown faces a total of five charges – driving while suspending or revoking a driver’s license, crime attempting to evade, lack of insurance, suspended registration, and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

Welles faces four charges – willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, possession of ecstasy, possession of firearms while committing a crime, and possession of under an ounce of marijuana.

Both men are being held in Fulton County Jail.

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