Police gunfire cited after incident in Little Rock

Police rifle cited after incident in Little Rock

A Little Rock police officer opened fire on a man armed with an assault rifle after responding to a phone call on Sunday morning. No one was injured during the incident.

According to the deputy chief of police, Crystal Haskins, police responded to an “interference with a gun call” on the 5700 block of Trenton Lane at around 11 am on Sunday.

Officers arrived at home and were making their way to a driveway when a man with an assault rifle came into view, authorities said. The police ordered the man to drop the assault rifle.

The man raised the assault rifle and, according to police, ordered an officer to open fire.

The man “let go” of the assault rifle and was arrested by the police, the authorities said.

“Since an officer surrenders a weapon in this incident, an internal investigation has started,” Haskins said in a statement. “A separate criminal investigation is also ongoing.”

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