Police need our help, not criticism, when it comes to gun crime

It has been a month and a week of gun crimes and improper finger pointing.

There were also several shootings between perpetrators and police in recent weeks, in which both the police and the perpetrators were injured, including the shooting of a man in Hamilton on Wednesday by the police. In this case, police were investigating gun matters when the fatal shooting broke out.

Today parts of the South Auckland industrial estate were closed with an ongoing firefight between police and an armed perpetrator.

Covering what happened today, Kerre McIvor wondered why there is so much gun crime these days.

Immediately our text machine was inundated with texts that said the same thing. Shows you how bad the gun buyback program was in preventing gun crime. This is a common complaint.

National always criticized the buyback as a public relations exercise, saying it was not an effective tool for getting guns off the streets.

Which one ignores. The gun buyback was never intended to get all guns off the streets. It was meant to be used to get certain weapons off the street. The most effective human killers preferred by mass murderers and terrorists. The MSSAs. Military-style semi-automatic.

Before the gun buyback, a potential mass murderer could be walking down the street with his AR15 slung over his shoulder and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Now if you strut into a gunfight with an AR15, we can arrest you before you pull the trigger.

You would also have to be an idiot to believe that the bad guys would willingly surrender the bad weapons. We now know who the bad guys are. They are the ones who have the bad weapons.

Well for your information, the weapon used in today’s shooting was a handgun. A weapon that is not in the buyback program and a weapon that is so commonly owned that you could never ban it.

Then came the first call from Kerre on the well-known Talkback line that the gun crime was ongoing because the police were too gentle with crime.

“Really?” Gun battles for two days in a row. An armed perpetrator was shot dead during a preliminary investigation into illegal firearms. How much tougher do you want the cops to be?

Cops are shot because the cops are tough. This is phase two of the buyback.

It must annoy the police, who prepare for work every day to protect society from the increasing risk of being killed by a savage lower class, to keep hearing that they seem to be too gentle with crime.

And that’s what they hear from armchair critics who have never seen a day of law enforcement in their lives.

We need to understand that criminals have improved their game. You no longer have the essence of New Zealand humanity in you. They will shoot everyone, even the police. The police need our support in this war and not inappropriate criticism.

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