Police Scuffle Ensues When Suspect Reaches For Waistband

A state police officer got into a fight when an arrested suspect appeared to be reaching up into the waistband of his pants for a gun.

The skirmish occurred on Monday morning, November 2, after an officer ran over a vehicle for irregular driving.

Joel Daoust, a Massachusetts state soldier, stopped a limousine on I-90 in Charlton that was in line with reports police had previously received of someone driving dangerously on the freeway, police said.

Daoust soon learned that the driver Jonathan O. Romero (22) from Springfield only operated with a learning permit, the police said.

During his detention, Romero allegedly withdrew from Office Daoust and grabbed his own waistband, police said.

After a brief fight, Romero was arrested and police allegedly found a loaded SCCY CPX-2 9mm pistol in Romero’s waistband, police said.

Romero is charged with:

– improper operation of a motor vehicle,

– Unsafe lane change,

– violation of the state road (too close),

– Unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle,

– improper storage of a firearm,

– possession / carrying a weapon without a license,

– possession of a firearm without an FID card,

– possession of ammunition with an FID card,

– carrying a loaded weapon,

– And resist the arrest, said the police.

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