Police: Three men arrested, two loaded guns seized in Roslindale area with recent shootings and gunfire

Boston Police report that men from Roslindale, Roxbury and Dorchester were arrested on Saturday afternoon in an “ongoing investigation” on Blue Ledge Terrace, near the locations of shootings and shots, on gun charges in recent months.

Jayvon Williams (19) from Roslindale, Anthony McGruder (26) from Roxbury and Terrance James (31) from Dorchester were arrested on 22 Blue Ledge Terrace in the Stony Brook Commons settlement on 22 Blue Ledge Terrace, according to police, and a loaded 9mm SCCY CPX-1 pistol with a laser sight previously reported as stolen in Alabama.

All three were charged with illegally owning a firearm, possessing ammunition, owning a large capacity feeding device, carrying a loaded firearm, and receiving stolen property, police said.

On November 11th, shots were fired in Beech and Grandview Streets near the Washington Beech housing estate, which is adjacent to Stony Brook Commons.

On September 21, someone was shot dead in Washington and Haydn Streets.

On July 31, a man was shot in the head outside Nick’s on Washington Street.

On July 14, a 14-year-old man wearing an anklet was arrested on a gun charge after police claimed they found him with a loaded gun in Washington Beech.

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