Portland man charged in 2 killings, police seek help finding other victims

Mark Dribin, a United Airlines cargo worker at Portland International Airport. Dribin was murdered by Christopher Lovrien.

Multnomah District Attorney’s Office

The Portland Attorney’s Office and Multnomah County Attorney’s Office believe they have solved at least two murders and are seeking public help if there are more victims.

Multnomah District Attorney announced on Wednesday that he has charged Christopher Lovrien, 53, on charges related to the murders of Mark Dribin and Kenneth Griffin.

Dribin, a 42-year-old United Airlines cargo worker at Portland International Airport, called his bosses on July 2, 1999 to request the night off to deal with what he called a personal emergency. That was the last time friends and family heard from him.

Detectives noticed blood on the walls and numerous items missing from Dribin’s house, including his vehicle, which was found two weeks later in an area where investigators said dribin was infrequent. They also found someone else’s genetic material in Dribin’s house and car.

The police reopened the case two years ago. They arrested Lovrien last year after a private forensics lab matched DNA from Dribin’s case with material submitted to a public genealogy website.

When searching Lovrien’s house in southeast Portland in May 2020, investigators said they found the remains of Kenneth Griffin, who was last seen alive three months earlier.

Kenneth Griffin is shown smiling and wearing some kind of work clothes.

Investigators found the remains of Kenneth Griffin pictured here in Christopher Lovrien’s Portland home.

Multnomah County District Attorney /

You don’t think Lovrien knew Griffin or Dribin.

A grand jury has charged Lovrien with second degree murder and the abuse of a corpse in Griffin’s death. He is also charged with six charges of being a criminal in possession of a firearm. Investigators raiding Lovrien’s property found two 0.9 mm caliber pistols, one 0.40 caliber pistol, one .357 caliber revolver and two 0.223 caliber rifles.

The police believe there could be more victims. You want to speak to anyone who has information about anyone who may have lived on Interstate 205 in southeast Portland between the summer of 2019 and May 2020 and is now missing.

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