Preview: Federal Premium Hydra-Shok Deep .380 ACP |

Just because you’re sensitive to recoil or need a smaller, concealed weapon, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on ballistics. This is Federal Premium’s take on its incredibly effective Hydra-Shok charge, and now the company is providing that particular defense load in the popular .380 ACP chambering.

For years, the .380 ACP has been considered an inferior projectile for personal protection and is often categorized as the minimum level of defense capability an undercover carrier should consider when choosing a self-defense chamber. This claim was backed up by tests that showed that many .380 ACP charges were unable to meet FBI protocol standards for ballistic penetration. Thanks to the Federal Premium Hydra-Shok charge in .380 ACP, this shortcoming is a thing of the past.

Each Federal Premium Hydra-Shok .380 ACP load comes with the 99-gr. Hydra-Shok bullet complete with a deep center post and compact core design. The advanced projectile design combined with a muzzle velocity of 1,000 fps from short-barreled self-defense guns means that this charge not only expands aggressively, but also deeply. Federal agency claims this charge is designed to exceed the FBI recommended minimum penetration depth of 12 inches through bare ballistic gelatin and heavy clothing.

The secret to the performance of these Federal Premium Hydra-Shok charges in .380 ACP is the projectile’s center post design, which has been redesigned for 2021 to allow for more consistent expansion, particularly through the barriers that today’s armed citizen is in. could encounter a defense scenario. In addition, the cartridges are loaded with a specially developed propellant that is designed for constant, reliable performance over a range of barrel lengths. Each cartridge is also filled with a high quality primer that is sealed inside the case to protect against moisture and other elements.

Federal Premium’s Hydra-Shok .380 ACP load is sold in boxes of 20 for a suggested retail price of $ 25.99. In addition, the company now offers a Hydra-Shok load in .38 Spl. + P loaded with a 130-gr. Bullet. These rounds also load in boxes of 20 and sell for $ 31.99. Further information can be found at

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