‘Profession felony’ who fired shots at house gets more than 17 years in prison

A man labeled a “career criminal” by the Justice Department was sentenced to 17 and a half years in prison for an incident in St. Paul in which he fired a series of shots at a house.

Curtis AJ Harrell, 30, was sentenced Tuesday to 210 months in prison for illegal possession of a firearm after federal prosecution opened in connection with the January 16, 2019 shooting near Charles Avenue.

According to the DOJ, four shots were fired at the house, which at the time contained two adults and a two-year-old child, with the bullets hitting the walls and windows.

Authorities seized four 9mm shell casings at the scene and found the Buick Lucerne at the scene the next day – a vehicle registered on Harrell.

A search of Harrell’s apartment and vehicle revealed a loaded Glock 26 9mm with a 17-round magazine in the vehicle and a 50-round 9mm drum magazine and 9mm live ammunition in the apartment.

Ballistic tests of the bell and cartridge cases connected the cartridge cases from the crime scene to Harrell’s gun, as well as three other shootings, two of which had happened last month.

Harrell was banned from possession of a firearm or ammunition based on several previous criminal convictions.

In a statement, acting US Attorney for Minnesota W. Anders Folk said, “This person has a long history of carrying guns and committing violent crimes. Thanks to the hard work of the investigators and the use of NIBIN technology, this armed professional criminal is off the streets. “

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