Prototype Winchester Lightweight Military Rifle

Welcome to today’s photo of the day! Some of the most interesting “what if” related to firearms and their history are firearms that were used and developed for military trials. One such example is this prototype of the Winchester Lightweight Military Rifle. I think it’s really cool how you can see an impact from M1 Carbine there. This photo was kindly provided by the Cody Firearms Museum – please take a look! The Cody Firearms Museum luckily has the background and dives deep below:

“Winchester Lightweight Military Rifle. This rifle, which was intended for an experimental .224 cartridge, competed against the AR15 in tests by the US Army in the late 1950s. Winchester’s design incorporated a number of features from the WWII design experience. The gun weighs just under 5 pounds when unloaded and has only 70 parts. Although it performed some functions well, the Army complained about accuracy and durability when compared to the AR-15. Winchester eliminated the competition instead of further refining the design and decided not to go into commercial production either. While it probably made financial sense at the time, it’s fascinating to think about what the design could have been. “

#prototypetuesday Winchester light military rifle [Photograph found in Photos, Cody Firearm Museum’s Facebook]. (2016, December 13). Retrieved May 13, 2021 from

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