Raid on Oakwood home nets weapon stash; man, 33, charged

STATEN ISLAND, NY – A 33-year-old Oakwood man is arrested after police executed a search warrant after a troublesome gun incident found a supply of firearms in his home.

At around 7pm Tuesday, police were called to Robert Scollo’s home on East Broadway after he put a gun to a woman’s forehead and “cocked” the gun and levered the complaint.

The woman was known to Scollo, a source told Advance /

When officers tried to arrest the suspect, he withdrew into the home and slapped his arms when the police tried to handcuff him.

Police executing a search warrant then found a .38 revolver, a loaded .45 pistol, an AR15 with 30 cartridges in the magazine, a homemade .22 zip gun, four speed loaders, four .45 magazines, and four AR15 Magazine for complaint.

NYPD’s 122nd Ward has touted the arrest on social media.

“The next morning our midnight train went home almost on time,” wrote the district. “You received a late call that resulted in an arrest. With the help of our Field Intelligence Team, they were able to retrieve these illegal firearms and ammunition. “

Scollo is currently facing multiple charges, including criminal possession of a gun, criminal possession of a firearm, threat and resistance to arrest.

“Mr. Scollo fully denies any allegations of domestic violence,” said Lou Gerlormino, who represents him. Scollo is an Army veteran and “looks forward to a thorough investigation of all charges,” said Gerlormino.

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