Rapper Fwc Big Key Busted As A Fugitive After Pricey Diamond Necklace Gives Him Away

(AllHipHop News)

Rapper Fwc Big Key, whose real name is Keyon Fails, is an example of what “do it for the gram” is for teenagers, big booty models, civilians and entertainers who want to be stars (not thugs).

According to the Detroit Free Press, Big Key was arrested after being a fugitive from the law in three states.

The Feds had clocked his social media profiles where he repeatedly rocked distinctive jewelry that no doubt told his friends he was a boss.

But the FBI said “fool”. The piece was used as evidence, marked the spot and helped them find the wanted convicted criminal.

What did the artist “Key30Six” do?

Let’s go from state to state. He was arrested in Texas in October 2019 for fraud. He was released on bail and returned north as if it were nothing to attract the attention of the “big hats” looking for him after skipping town.

In Ohio, Big Key was on parole (four years) that same year after being beaten for two counterfeiting and possession of criminal tools (12 month total offenses).

Big Key’s current problems came after a Michigan judge approved a search warrant for the FBI to raid his Oak Park residence.

According to AllHipHop.com, the judge suspected that Big Key, whose videos have clocked millions of views on YouTube, is breaking the law by keeping guns and ammunition in his one bedroom apartment.


The judge’s suspicions were correct when the FBI agents found a 9mm Taurus G3 semi-automatic pistol with 12 cartridges in his kitchen. Next to the cracker was the icy chain that he wore on his IG.

The account (bigmoney.bigkey) that the FEDs had followed … which basically sealed his fate.

The agent said in his report, “The” Big Key “pendant next to the gun appears to be the same pendant necklace that Fails wears in photos posted on his Instagram account.”

“Fails knew he was a ‘fugitive from justice’. Fails knew there were criminal charges pending against him in Texas … (but) refused to answer those allegations by failing to appear at a scheduled trial.”

His next hearing is March 8th. All pictures on his Instagram have been removed.

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