Reputed gang member charged with killing woman on her way home from church

A well-known gang member was charged with shooting a 37-year-old woman walking home with her husband on the northwest side of the church.

Cook County prosecutors said Monday it was still unclear why Maria Reveron was shot on March 24, but they suspected it was a fake identity.

29-year-old Marco Pulido had left a party in his friend’s BMW X5 to get more alcohol. During his liquor run, Pulido allegedly began chasing Reverons’ white four-door sedan on the 2600 block of North Long Avenue.

From the BMW, Pulido shot a lap into the window of the vehicle Reveron’s husband was driving “for reasons currently unknown,” said Assistant State Attorney James Murphy.

The shootout caused the couple’s car to crash.

Reveron, who suffered a gunshot wound to the back of the head, was rushed to the hospital and died two days later, Murphy said.

Less than an hour after the shooting, Pulido was less likely to return to the party without alcohol. Witnesses noted that Pulido “looked nervous and his hands were shaking,” Murphy said.

While the surveillance video showed the black BMW following the white sedan and showing the BMW escaping the area, it didn’t capture the shooting, Murphy said.

Murphy claimed it would have been impossible for anyone else to get out of the BMW in the brief minute the car was in a blind spot.

Assistant Defense Attorney Mark Douglas argued, “If someone got in or out of this car, it wouldn’t be … long.”

Immediately after the shooting, Pulido was also caught on surveillance tape doing a Dunkin ‘Donuts drive-thru, Murphy said.

Pulido, a self-known maniac Latin disciple, identified himself in a company statue but denied his involvement in the shootings, Murphy said. The owner of the BMW – who has a broken taillight, damaged roof rack, and a sticker on the windshield – also identified Pulido in the statue, Murphy said.

Pulido was taken into custody on Saturday.

Detectives saw March 24 messages deleted on Pulido’s cell phone, Murphy said.

Investigators are still awaiting information on the geographic location of Pulido’s phone the night of the shooting, despite finding video of him holding a 9mm pistol at 10:44 p.m. that day, Murphy said. A 9mm cartridge case was recovered from the location of the shooting, Murphy said.

Pulido has two previous criminal convictions, including a burglary in 2010. He also had a household battery arrest warrant, according to court reports.

Pulido lives with his mother, uncle and cousin and looks after his three sons – all under 8, Douglas said. He also works full-time at a Northwest Side barber shop and is working on getting his GED, added the assistant defense attorney.

Pulido was being held without bail for Reveron’s murder.

He is expected to bake in court on April 23rd.

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