Residents enjoy First Friday event in WInchester | Local News

The recent “First Friday in the Square” was a huge success for those who took advantage of Winchester’s new and unique shopping format.

March 5th marked the first date for the event – a new initiative by Winchester Downtown Program Corp. to bring businesses and venues together in the square with more customers and customers in the evenings on the first Friday night of each month.

Participating companies offered local customers extended business hours and other extras so that people who work during the day can enjoy the shops in Downtown Square in the evening.

As the participating stores extend their business hours, it is hoped that those who enjoy the restaurants will be encouraged to visit the stores.

Historic Downtown Square is much more than just a nostalgic look back at a simpler time.

Dozens of businesses, shops, and restaurants provide a varied shopping and dining experience for both locals and visitors.

There are specialty restaurants on the square that will delight gourmets of all ages.

After a good meal, visitors can take a stroll through the shops and stores as they hunt for the perfect gift, and there’s a good chance there is something for everyone.

Many visitors have enjoyed the simple pleasure of browsing the various shops and venues in the square in front of a musical backdrop as they window-shop and walk the sidewalks.

Lauren Martin, the executive director of Winchester Downtown Program Corp., is dedicated to bringing restaurant and shop owners together with locals and visitors.

“The intention of First Fridays is to create an experience for our community and for our visitors,” she said. “By extending the opening times in the shops, you have the freedom to move at your own pace.”

Martin said she had future plans for upcoming guests on the first Friday.

“Imagine listening to live music on the streets, seeing soft lights pointing the way, and enjoying the delicious flavors of the nearby restaurants and bakeries,” said Martin. “Whether you are a local or a new visitor to the area, for a moment you can move to a lighter place and at a brighter time.

“For many, the first Friday on March 5th is the very first in the city center. We knew there would be room for improvement, and we went forward with that intention – to grow and learn as we walk. We have worked to put together artist experiences, live music in the Kiwanis amphitheater, and live music performances in the company, and to attract artisan craft vendors for future first Fridays. “

Martin said she was grateful to everyone who helped launch the first “First Friday” event, and she had a few words for all of the locals and visitors who attended.

“Every time someone visits downtown Winchester it is counted as a success and community support is not a trend, it is the heritage and livelihood of every small town,” she said. “I’m grateful to the companies who helped get the first Fridays off the ground and to those who agreed to extend their working hours.

“I’m also looking forward to the others joining in in the near future. Thank you to the community and visitors for the continued support of their local small businesses.

“The first Fridays will keep growing and developing, and you will want to keep visiting. We are always open to new suggestions and ideas. “

Companies attending the opening event included Studio 29 Eleven, The Sole Shop LLC, Jules’, The Lake Store, Vision Church, Meshed, StoryBrook, The Oldham, Designererkuchen, TaKrai Thai Cuisine, Piezan Pizzeria Italiano, The Back Porch and John T’s BBQ, Branchwater Distillery, and Sweet Ellie’s.

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