Returnal Dev does not yet know how to handle auto-saved complaints

Returnal developer Housemarque complains that there is no way to save a game in the middle of a run. He decides what (if anything) to do.

According to reports, Housemarque is considering ways to address the problem of saving medium-term advances this year returnas skipping the option may discourage some PlayStation 5 exclusive owners. There’s no clear direction this could go in, comments the developer, as players seem to be looking for different experiences.

The premise of the game is that its protagonist Selene crashed on a planet with only a semi-automatic pistol and no immediate chance of rescue. In fact, Returnal’s gameplay loop is designed to keep killing players over and over, with each run giving Selene an opportunity to upgrade weapons and learn more about her situation. There are ways to shorten the rogue structure, e.g. B. defeating bosses to unlock new areas without having to cover the same ground every time. However, runs cannot be saved while they are streaming, although they can sometimes take several hours to run. This is a problem for newbies to action games or just for people whose work, family, and social engagement do not allow uninterrupted stretches.

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“We know that there are some systems that are currently an obstacle,” said Mikael Havari, Marketing Director of Housemarque, in an Axios Gaming newsletter quoted by VGC. As a solution, Havari notes that the studio is stuck because “we just don’t know what it is,” adding that it is “very difficult to advertise” what he calls “a lot of different people looking” looks at different things. “In fact, for some Returnal players, the problem may be less long-term than a lack of difficulty levels. Not only does this stretch over time, but it can force players to grind as they face new challenges .

Return of Selene

A workaround for some gamers is to put their PS5 to sleep, which may temporarily suspend the return. This, of course, has its own problems as it is both a power drain and a non-starter in households that share a single console. A roommate looking to watch HBO or play another game can easily destroy hours of progress assuming that progress has been auto-saved at a recent checkpoint, as is the case with many games.

return is Housemarque’s first action game. This is also unusually important to Sony as there are few other games that are exclusive to the PS5. Most of the console library is made up of PS4 titles, only a fraction of which has even been updated to take advantage of the new hardware. Some other “real” PlayStation 5 exclusives are Astro’s Playroom – a pre-installed game – and the remake of Demon’s Souls.

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return is available digitally and in retail stores for PlayStation 5.

Source: VGC

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