Rico Marley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Fulton County Sheriff

Rico Abednego Neequaye Marley.

Rico Marley is the Georgia man facing multiple criminal offenses after police said he walked into a grocery store armed with six guns. This happened on March 24th at the Publix at Atlantic Station in Atlanta.

According to a report from the Atlanta Police Department, all of the recovered weapons were loaded into their chambers with cartridges. Marley was also wearing body armor when he was arrested.

A witness told officials he saw Marley, 22, in the bathroom with an AR-15 rifle leaning against the wall. He alerted a manager and the police were called. Marley was arrested shortly after leaving the bathroom and no shots were fired.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. An Instacart buyer said he saw an AR-15 and heard what sounded like firearms were being loaded from the bathroom

The first appearance was planned for a man who entered the Atlantic Station Publix with 6 cannons and a corpseThe first appearance was planned for a man who entered the Atlantic Station Publix with 6 cannons and body armor2021-03-25T17: 17: 42Z

Marley entered Publix on the afternoon of March 24th with a black guitar bag, WGCL-TV reported. He went straight to the bathroom.

Witness Charles Russell, an Instacart buyer, told police he went to the bathroom after Marley. According to the police report, Russell said he had “heard clicking noises” from the toilet cubicle. He said he thought it “sounds like someone is loading guns”.

Russell also said he noticed an AR-15 rifle “leaning against the wall.” Russell continued to tell WSB-TV, “The gun was propped up in the bathroom stall and it never was. I saw it clearly as a day. “

He added, “That species scared me again with events that happened recently at the Colorado grocery store.” He was referring to the March 22nd mass shooting at the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder. 10 people, including police officer Eric Talley, were killed in the attack.

Russell told WSB-TV he didn’t say anything to Marley in the bathroom. As noted in the official report, Russell alerted a Publix employee and the police were called.

2. The witness said Marley walked into the store wearing a t-shirt and put on protective clothing in the bathroom

rico marley atlantic station publix

Atlanta Police DepartmentRico Marley entered a Publix area in Atlanta armed with loaded firearms.

Russell told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that when Marley first noticed Marley, he was wearing a white T-shirt and black pants. But when Marley left the bathroom, he had “ballistic rifle plates on his chest and back,” WGCL-TV reported.

According to the police report, Marley had six guns. Everyone was loaded and ready to shoot. Four handguns were recovered from Marley’s clothing:

  • Taurus G3C 9x19mm pistol (S #: ACA483874)
  • Mossberg MC2C 9 x 19 mm (S #: 012125MC)
  • Glock 43 9 x 19 mm (S #: BKSM472)
  • Taurus 856 .38 special turret (S #: ACB511594)

Officers found two additional weapons in Marley’s pocket:

  • DPMS AR15 rifle (S #: FFH129807)
  • Maverick Arms Model 88 12 gauge shotgun

The report adds that Marley wore body armor when he was arrested. He also had a ski mask and two cell phones.

WSB-TV added that Marley also had a “gun carrying license” with her. Open carry is legal in Georgia under the state code.

3. Police said Marley looked surprised when officers approached him at the grocery store

The police received the call at 1:41 p.m. about someone in the Publix grocery store with an AR-15 rifle, according to the official report. The officer who produced the report wrote that the Publix “appeared to be evacuated” by the time his team arrived.

The officers approached “the front left front door, which was near the toilet where the defendant might be.” As they entered, they saw Marley “come around the corner from a distance from the bathroom.” They ordered Marley to put his hands up and not move.

Marley immediately obeyed and was taken into custody without incident. According to the report, Marley appeared “surprised” to see officers “so close to him”.

4. Paramedics performed a mental health exam before Marley was taken to jail

Bond denied Rico Marley, 22, who entered ATL Publix heavily armed. No obv digital FP, records: ’18 simple attack, misconduct because of throwing a food bowl on the head of a step-sibling, year of non-reporting probation after the conclusion of the proceedings because of a court order, typographical error @wsbtv 5 pic.twitter.com / vK4gZepJCJ

– Nicole Carr (@NicoleFCarr) March 25, 2021

The Atlanta Police Department has not publicly discussed Marley’s possible motive for carrying multiple loaded guns into the grocery store, or whether they believe he intends to fire the guns in the store. Police said paramedics gave Marley a mental health exam on site.

County records show that Marley was admitted to Fulton County Jail on March 25th. He must reckon with eleven crimes:

  • Possession of a firearm or knife while on commission or attempting to commit certain crimes – 6 points
  • Criminal attempt to commit a crime – 5 counts

District Court records show Marley has been assigned a public defense attorney to represent him. WSB-TV reported that a judge had detained Marley without commitment.

5. Marley was arrested in 2018 for assault and disorderly behavior

rico marley 2018 arrest

Justice information system of the district of DeKalbRico Marley was arrested in DeKalb County in 2018 for simple assault.

Marley was arrested in DeKalb County in January 2018 for simple assault and disorderly behavior. According to court records, Marley pleaded guilty and spent 10 days behind bars. The record also shows that he was sentenced to one year probation.

rico marley dekalb county ga

Justice information system of the district of DeKalbRico Marley was arrested in January 2018 for simple assault.

WSB TV reporter Nicole Carr shared the case on Twitter, which stemmed from a domestic dispute. She wrote that Marley was accused of throwing a bowl of food at his step-sibling’s head.

The case was mistakenly closed in May 2018. The minutes contain a comment that was added in July 2018: “The case was closed due to a typographical error following a court order on 5/24/18. This medal is hereby evacuated. “It added that Marley would remain on non-reportable parole.

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