rimjhim: Black magic led to the murder of the wife of the Ghazipur-based dentist: police | Patna news

PATNA: The police are in a state of shock after preliminary investigations suggest that black magic was one of the reasons behind the recent murder of the wife of Ghazipur-based dentist Rimjhim Chaturvedi, 45. The main conspirator, Rohit Kumar, was interrogated three times by various police officers after his arrest on Saturday.
Patna SSP Upendra Kumar Sharma said several cuts were found on Rimjhim’s wrist. He said her friend Poonam had told police that Rimjhim used to visit burial grounds and drew blood from her wrist to use black magic.
“Research has shown that Rimjhim Rohit only called during her period, believing that her ‘powers’ were at their peak at that time. There were several rings on her fingers. Rohit had Rimjhim killed because he was in her ‘grip’ due to black magic. Rimjhim threatened Rohit with grave consequences if he were to break ties with her. Rohit’s brother-in-law had recently died. Rimjhim told him that her brother-in-law died because he did not listen to her, “said the SSP.
Police arrested Rohit, his friend Kamal Sharma, Suraj Kumar, Pawan Kumar and shooters Ranjit Kumar and Rahul Kumar for their alleged involvement in Saturday’s murder. Police said Rohit developed severe depression and had panic attacks as a result of Rimjhim’s activities.
Police found Kamal’s car in which Rohit brought Rimjhim to Naubatpur, two motorcycles, a semi-automatic pistol made in the country, two magazines, three live cartridges and six cell phones belonging to the arrested persons.
Police said that of Rs 4 lakh paid to the shooters, Rs 2.25 lakh was recovered. Surprisingly, Rohit had taken Rs 4 lakh from Rimjhim as a loan and used the money to hire murderers. Rimjhim was shot dead near the Punpun Dam in Naubatpur on November 23. Her body was found the next morning.

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