Ryobi ONE+ HP Power Tools for 2021

Six new tools in the Ryobi One + HP line of power tools have brought a more compact and powerful range of home improvement and craft tools to market. These new tools introduce brushless motors, new electronics, and updated slim batteries. The introduction of Ryobi One + HP (High Performance) has a lot to do with making more powerful tools in a more compact form factor. One + HP batteries also bring new oversized fuel gauges and significantly reduce pack size.

The first line of Ryobi ONE + HP Power Tools includes six new tools in various configurations. All tools are available as bare tools or as part of a kit with one or more 1.5 Ah Ryobi One + HP batteries. Ryobi also has a two-tool kit (PSBCK01K) with the new 1/2-inch drill driver and the 1/4-inch impact wrench. The new tools look powerful at first, although they certainly stick to the company’s main focus on DIY applications.

Ryobi ONE Plus HP cordless tools

Ryobi One + HP Compact 1/2-inch drill bit

Ryobi HP PSBDD01B cordless drillRyobi HP PSBDD01K Drill Driver Kit

This tool optimizes weight and size to deliver a powerful new drill that will stand out from the competition. They demonstrated drilling the tool through a metal stud with a 1-inch hole saw. Ryobi also demonstrated the runtime against a similar tool. The new One + HP battery, which comes with a 1/2-inch spade, made 111 holes in 2 × 4 pine.

  • Model (kit): PSBDD01K
  • Compact 6.4 inch size
  • Chuck: 1/2-inch ratchet single sleeve
  • Brushless motor
  • Torque: 400 in-lbs.
  • 2 speeds: 0-450 / 1700 rpm
  • Coupling: 24 positions
  • LED work light
  • Price: $ 129 (Kit)
  • Contains: impact wrench, (2) 1.5 Ah lithium-ion batteries, charger, tool bag and operating instructions.

Ryobi One + HP 3/8 ” Compact Brushless Brushless Right Angle Drill Bit

Ryobi One + HP 3-8 inch compact brushless right angle drill bitRyobi HP PSBRA02B Compact Brushless Right Angle Drill Bit

Ryobi claims this is the most compact right angle drill in the industry, measuring just 3.6 inches deep from the chuck to the back of the head. The targeted compactness and performance make this tool a practical tool for jobs where you need to be nearby. One demo involved drilling through double-stacked 2x4s with a 3/4 inch bit.

Because of the paddle trigger, you can swallow it near the top of the handle or use it traditionally. With iI, you can also get extra leverage by placing your hand on the back of the tool. In terms of compactness, you can really squeeze it into those smaller spaces – for example, when driving a control box between two closely spaced bolts, or installing hinges or drawer pulls.

  • Model (bare tool): PSBRA02B
  • Chuck: 3/8-inch single sleeve
  • 2-speed gearbox
  • 2 speeds: 0-450 / 1700 rpm
  • Torque: 350 in-lbs.
  • Depth: 3.6 in
  • LED light with a delay of 10 seconds
  • Paddle trigger
  • Price: $ 99 (bare tools)

Ryobi ONE + HP 1/4-inch impact wrench

Ryobi PSBID01B impact wrenchRyobi HP 1-4 inch Impact Wrench PSBID01B

Ryobi was aimed at professionals and DIY enthusiasts looking for a compact, lightweight solution for repetitive and / or overhead applications. The brushless motor of the Ryobi PSBID01 offers enough runtime for the whole day with a pair of ONE + HP batteries.

Ryobi contained the expected LED work light as well as a variable speed trigger. One feature we really liked was the one-handed bit release. To drive larger fasteners, Ryobi increased the torque to 1,700 in-pounds. Runtime also looks good when we saw this impact wrench countersunk 211 2.5-inch deck screws into 4 × 4 pressure-treated wood with a single 1.5 Ah One + HP battery.

  • Model (kit): PSBID01K
  • Brushless motor
  • Impact: 3,800 IPM
  • Speed: 2,900 rpm
  • Torque: 1,700 in-lbs
  • One-handed bit release
  • Variable speed trigger
  • LED work light
  • Price: $ 129 (kit with 2 batteries and charger)

Ryobi One + HP one-handed reciprocating saw

Ryobi HP PSBRS01B one-handed reciprocating sawRyobi One + HP one-hand reciprocating saw PSBRS01B

The compact one-hand recipe saw Ryobi ONE + HP is similar to other models we’ve seen. One-handed reciprocating saws are expected to reduce the size of the entire tool. They also reduce weight. Professionals find these tools helpful when working with arms outstretched or in tight spaces in crawl spaces or attics. It certainly saves a lot of space compared to the Ryobi P517 18-V reciprocating saw.

We saw the tool cut through 2 × 4 and PVC material quickly and easily. While this wasn’t surprising or unusual, we liked the implementation of an easy-to-release blade lever. It loosens the blade without forcing you to grab it when it’s hot or using gloves. Cutting through the EMT also showed that the 5/8 inch stroke length optimizes this tool for cutting metal, PVC, and clean wood. It’s a nice addition to your large reciprocating saw.

  • Model (bare tool): PSBRS01B
  • Speed: 3,000 SPM
  • Brushless motor
  • Easy to release blade lever
  • Stroke: 5/8 in
  • Compact length of 13 inches
  • Adjustable swivel shoe
  • LED light
  • Price: $ 99 (bare tools)

Ryobi One + 4-Mode 3/8 “impact wrench

Ryobi One + 4-Mode 3-8-inch Impact WrenchRyobi HP PSBIW01B impact wrench

In addition to three speeds, the new Ryobi HP 3/8 inch impact wrench has a fourth mode. This mode does a couple of things. First, it stops the tool in forward position as soon as the impact mechanism engages. This will stop the rotation so you can use a torque wrench to manually increase the torque to specifications. Conversely, it stops the tool as soon as the fastener loosens. This prevents you from losing nuts and bolts when removing them.

They demonstrated the Ryobi impact wrench and removed various nuts and bolts. With up to 160 ft-lbs of torque, it’s a handy tool. They also ran some attachment tests to demonstrate torque control.

  • Model (bare tool): PSBIW01B
  • 3/8 inch friction ring anvil
  • Brushless motor
  • Torque: 160 ft-lbs.
  • 3 speeds (up to 1,900 rpm)
  • 3,900 IPM
  • 4 mode speed control
  • Variable speed shutter release
  • LED light
  • Length: 5.4 inches
  • Price: $ 119 (bare tools)

Ryobi HP PSBCS02B multi-material parting tool

You can use this tool to cut anything from wire shelves to diamond plates to vinyl siding or threaded rods. It even cuts through ceramic or porcelain tile. Of course, drywall or 3/4 inch sheet metal such as OSB or plywood are also processed.

Ryobi tested it with a carbide abrasive blade to cut the vinyl siding (in reverse mode). You can change the direction of the blade to cut forward if that rotation performs better (think of cutting tile versus ripping plywood). During the demo, the abrasive blade quickly cut through wire shelves – although it produced a few sparks.

  • Model (bare tools): PSBCS02B
  • Two LED lights in front of the blade and at the foot of the shoe
  • Brushless motor
  • Forward / backward cutting
  • Supports 3 inch wheels
  • Speed ​​(max): 19,500 rpm
  • Mandrel: 3/8-inch (also includes 5/8-inch flange)
  • Adjustable protection
  • Wire base for stability
  • Storage of the blade key on board
  • Compact size of 8.5 inches
  • Price: $ 99 (bare tools)
  • Contains: cutting tool, metal cutting wheel, carbide abrasive blade, diamond tile blade, Allen key and instruction manual.

Ryobi One + 18V high performance batteries

These new batteries contain oversized fuel gauges. The batteries also appear more compact than previous designs. It’s like putting her battery on a South Beach diet and getting her to do a few pull-ups. Ryobi currently manufactures these new high capacity batteries in the following sizes:

In practice, Ryobi has smoothed the front and the edges to give the new packs a “slim” look. There’s no arguing with the results – these batteries make all Ryobi tools look better. We look forward to these packs adopting the company’s 4 Ah batteries and getting slimmer.

Ryobi continues to offer a 3-year guarantee on these and other Ryobi power tools. All Ryobi ONE + HP power tools and batteries continue to be compatible with the company’s entire line of 175+ lithium-ion cordless products. All tools are available exclusively from The Home Depot.

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