San Leandro gas station clerk charged in shooting car driver

SAN LEANDRO – A gas station worker suspected of shooting a man with whom he was upset for parking too long on the station premises without buying anything was charged with attempted murder and other crimes, according to authorities and court records accused.

In addition to the number of attempted murder cases, suspect Sergio Williams, 31, who did not provide an address, is accused of shooting into an occupied vehicle and of being a criminal in possession of a firearm. He is being held in Santa Rita Prison without bail and is due to appeal on April 27.

The shooting took place on Friday at 5:20 am at the Shell gas station, 2175 Marina Blvd. instead of. where Williams worked as a night clerk, authorities said

According to court records and authorities, Williams was upset with the victim for having parked his van on the station grounds for an extended period of time without buying anything and shot him several times with a semi-automatic pistol after apparently receiving no response after asking him had how long he would park there.

San Leandro Police, Lt. Ali Khan said the man was parked on the property for about half an hour and he and the suspect did not know each other.

The victim was able to drive several blocks to the West Juana Avenue and Carpentier Street area where the police were called. Before he was taken to a hospital, he told police that he was shot dead on the ward. He was in critical condition on Tuesday, police said.

After the shooting, Williams, wearing his shirt as a station clerk, fled the scene in his car. He was found sleeping in his car in Fremont on Friday lunchtime and was arrested by Fremont police. The gun police believe that the vehicle was recovered during the shooting.

In May 2008, Williams was convicted of second degree robbery and elder abuse in Alameda County, according to court records. Details on these cases were not immediately available.

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