SCCY CPX-2 Handgun Tabletop & Range Review ~ Video

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The 3-shot group by Graham Baates with the SCCY CPX-2 pistol and the affordable Blazer ammunition with an aluminum housing. (SCCY advises against the use of ammunition with a steel or aluminum housing).

UNITED STATES – – ( – “You get what you pay for” and “What is your life worth?” They are quotes I hear a lot to get budget buyers to spend a little more or to pressure someone to buy a budget weapon. While the quotes have some value, not everyone is willing to toss $ 600 at a gun (this may or may not be better), especially if it’s their first weapon. SCCY Firearms has been making affordable weapons for years, including the previously tested .380 models (CPX-3 and CPX-3 Red Dot). The CPX-2 is very similar and chambered in the more popular 9mm.

SCCY CPX-2 pistol

Like the other SCCY pistols, the CPX-2 is made in the USA and fired with a hammer, which only fires with double action and serves as protection against shocked triggers or abuse. Set up, dismantled, and general appearance are simple, which is great for new shooters too. All of this is available for a retail price that is around $ 200 regardless of buying trends, bull or bear markets. What do you get with the CPX-2 for only 200 US dollars? Check out the tabletop video below to see if it fits, is ready, and what’s in the box.

The CPX-2 feels like an affordable pistol in hand, but not like a cheaply built weapon, just one that hasn’t gone overboard in either material or aesthetics. Tolerances are looser than more expensive weapons, but this can also result in increased reliability, much like a rattling AK is a running AK. SCCY didn’t build a glamor weapon, but one that everyone can afford. As much as we all love the look and feel of a gun that costs as much as most teenagers’ first car, it isn’t always necessary or practical, and the right to self-defense shouldn’t require a credit check. Unlike some other budget-friendly options, SCCY offers options for manual security or not, multiple colors, and all for a platform that is very convenient for concealed carry.

The SCCY CPX-2 almost disappears in Graham Baate’s hands, but it would also hide nicely in a holster.

We took our notes from the tabletop video and wanted to see how the gun would fire. The range tests naturally included our preferred ammunition compatibility test, “What’s For Dinner? ™ ”, which includes ten different loads of different projectile weights and profiles, housing materials and implicit applications. It’s worth noting that while SCCY has tested steel and aluminum case ammunition, it advises against testing it for the same reason. Not all chambers and cycles like the difference in residual pressure when extracting. See in the video shooting impressions below how the CPX-2 has developed:

Our sample may not have been perfect, but it was functional. We experienced a challenge with a magazine and a certain load but the pistol was still functional and as our viewers pointed out on YouTube, SCCY is quick and friendly to fix or replace anything that is under warranty. That is a characteristic of a company that should be admired. I’ve personally seen other companies respond to my warranty concerns with insults and dismissals for guns that cost more than three times the CPX-2 price. We’ll be in touch with the warranty department to see if we can’t iron out the few hiccups, but overall I’m impressed with the CPX-2 and wouldn’t be afraid to give one to a potential new owner looking to learn something recommend.

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“Graham Baates” is a pseudonym used by a 15 year old active Army veteran who has spent most of his time on the tactical side of the intelligence community, including touring Afghanistan and Iraq. Post-Army Graham spent some time in the 3-gun circle before becoming a full-time NRA certified defensive handgun instructor. Today he works as an industry author and also curates a YouTube channel and blog. Visit Graham on Youtube.

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