Search warrants in Oldsmar reveal four drug arrests | Crime, crashes and fires

OLDSMAR – The Pinellas County Sheriff’s drug detectives arrested four suspects on multiple drug offenses on September 16 after issuing search warrants in two separate apartments in Oldsmar.

Detectives began an investigation on Aug. 16 after learning that twin brothers Mason and Nicholas Aponte, 20, were selling large quantities of narcotics from their Oldsmar residence. The detectives then identified two locations associated with narcotics sales.

Detectives also discovered that Karina Cruz-Nonthe, 19, of Clearwater, was selling narcotics from the residence and promoting large quantities of narcotics on her social media accounts.

Detectives issued search warrants on September 16 in an apartment complex at 133 Sabal Court and an apartment building at 100 Old Village Way in Oldsmar.

Detectives say the following items were found in Sabal Court 133: 256 grams of cocaine powder, 925 grams of oxycodone, 826 grams of marijuana, 89 grams of MDMA, 45 THC cartridges, and various pieces of gold jewelry.

In the apartment on 100 Old Village Way, detectives found: 67.4 pounds of marijuana, 7.4 pounds of THC wax, 78 grams of Adderall, 180 pounds of marijuana edibles (1,501 packs), three pounds of alprazolam (5,534 cans), 3,225 THC cartridges , $ 31,639 in cash, AK47 short barrel, 12 gauge Winchester short barrel shotgun, Taurus 9mm, Polymerbo 9mm pistol. Sporter 762 rifle, M11 9mm silencer pistol, M11 9mm silencer pistol, Taurus Public Defender 410 revolver, Smith & Wesson .38 Special, 12-gauge Marshwood short-barreled shotgun, and a DPMS AR- 15th

Detectives say that when they delivered the search warrants, they found that Andrew Michael Smith, 24, of New Port Richey was also involved in the operation. Detectives found Smith and found he owned a pound of marijuana and $ 17,549 in cash. He was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and the felon in possession of a firearm. The deposit was set at $ 13,000. He was released on bail at 1:54 am on September 18.

Nicholas Antonio Aponte has been charged with armed trafficking in oxycodone, level III oxycodone, level II cocaine trafficking, MDMA trafficking, possession of cannabis, and carrying a concealed weapon on two counts. He was also held without bail for violating the probation requirements for cannabis trafficking, VOP possession of alprazolam, VOP possession of THC oil, and VOP possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mason Thomas Aponte has been charged with armed cannabis trafficking, armed amphetamines trafficking, possession of THC wax, cocaine trafficking, oxycodone trafficking, alprazolam possession, and MDMA trafficking. He was also held without bail for VOP cannabis trafficking, VOP carrying a concealed gun, VOP possession of drug paraphernalia, VOP possession of alprazolam, and VOP possession of THC oil.

Detectives found the Aponte brothers were suspects in a search warrant for a hotel room in Oldsmar last year that found sixty-seven pounds of marijuana and nine firearms and $ 140,000.

Karina Cruz-Nonthe was found in two cases of trafficking in MDMA, selling and possessing a controlled substance, armed trafficking in oxycodone, possession of a controlled substance in three cases, trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in oxycodone level III, des Carrying a concealed firearm, two cases of sale or supply of oxycodone, and possession of oxycodone. The deposit was set at $ 449,000.

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