Sen. Cotton rips Biden pick to head ATF as ‘infamous gun-grabber’

The would-be boss of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is a “notorious arms smuggler” who wants to ban “tens of millions of firearms,” ​​claims Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.). Wednesday night.

Hours earlier, Cotton had attempted to peg David Chipman at his confirmation hearing about what “assault weapons” he would like to drop under the Gun Act.

“He couldn’t answer it, Laura,” Cotton told Fox News The Ingraham Angle. “The reason he can’t answer it is because there’s no such thing as an offensive weapon. It’s a term invented by liberal lawyers and pollsters in Washington trying to scare Americans into consenting and seizing weapons. “

During his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chipman suggested that the ATF define an assault rifle as “any semi-automatic rifle that can hold a detachable magazine above the .22 caliber, including a .223, which is you”. know, mainly the AR-15 round. “

David Chipman appears for his nomination on May 26, 2021 before a Senate judiciary committee hearing.Rod Lamkey – CNP / MEGA

Cotton described this reaction as “very enlightening and very worrying”.

“That would be almost every modern sporting rifle in America,” said Cotton to presenter Laura Ingraham on Wednesday evening. “We’re not taking millions of firearms, we’re talking tens of millions of firearms that Joe Biden’s ATF candidate wants to ban and confiscate.”

Senator Tom Cotton.Senator Tom Cotton described David Chipman’s definition of “assault weapons” as “very worrying”.AP

There is no uniform legal definition for the terms “assault rifle” or “assault weapon”. The National Rifle Association uses the military definition in defining an assault rifle as “a single chamber selective fire rifle for a medium-strength cartridge” and opposes the use of the term to semi-automatic weapons.

Chipman, a former ATF special agent and policy advisor with the Giffords arms control group, has confirmed that he supports a ban on possession of AR-15 rifles, which are semi-automatic weapons.

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