Shooting Illustrated | First Look: Blackwater Sentry 12 Shotgun

Blackwater Firearms introduces the new Sentry 12 Pump-Action Magazine Shotgun, designed as the ideal shotgun for law enforcement officers or center-backs faced with a rapidly changing situation. The Blackwater Sentry 12 provides a reliable magazine-fed solution that allows users to deploy a platform that allows ammunition types to change quickly, which may be required under certain conditions. But it’s not just law enforcement who can benefit from Blackwater’s expertise in firearms. The Sentry 12 has an 18.5-inch barrel, which means that armed civilians can use the Sentry 12 for home defense, hunting, or a great day out on the range.

The Sentry 12 is a lightweight 12-gauge magazine-fed shotgun that allows users to quickly reconfigure ammunition to suit specific threat or hunting scenarios. The lightweight AR-style ergonomics provide users with an intuitive feel that differs from AR pattern rifle platforms. In addition to these cross-platform similarities, the Sentry 12 offers you the option of storing ammunition in well-known box-style magazines and reloading them quickly, which gives you the decisive advantage in situations with high stress.

Blackwater Sentry 12 features:

  • 18.5-inch barrel with smooth bore and nitride coating
  • 12 gauge, accepts both 2¾ “and 3” pans
  • 21-inch receiver made from 6160 aluminum, fully extruded
  • Overall length: 36 inches
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds (empty)
  • 17 inch Picatinny on top of the top receiver
  • Full ambidextrous controls similar to the AR platform
  • Contains two 5-round magazines

The MSRP for the Blackwater Firearms Sentry 12 is $ 899. Please visit for more information.

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