Shooting Illustrated | First Look: Federal Premium .22 LR Punch Defense Ammo

While the personal defense benefits of the .22 LR are often debated, there is a new batch of Federal Premium specifically designed to make the .22 LR a viable choice for the defense round.

“Self-defense is not a one-size-fits-all. Whether shooters want to carry a .22 LR pistol as a backup weapon, are uncomfortable with Centerfire pistols, or just want more versatility with a Rimfire pistol, ”said Dan Compton, Rimfire Product Manager, Federal Die .22 LR- Cartridge is a viable defense option for the first time. “

The Punch .22 LR charge features a 29-grain nickel-plated lead core bullet that moves at maximum speed (1,070 fps from a 2-inch barrel) for deep penetration from short-barreled handguns. Slightly different from the standard designs for .22 projectiles, the punch ball features a flat nose and heavy jacket around a lead core, increasing speed and minimizing expansion to increase penetration depth.

“We have talked for a while about establishing a defensive load of 0.22 LR. We eventually decided people were already wearing .22 LRs, so we might as well make a .22 bullet that is optimized for protection, ”said Compton. “After a long search, we decided that for a .22 LR Defense Ball, penetration is more important than expansion.”

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