Shooting Illustrated | First Look: New DeSantis Holsters for the Walther PDP

The new Walther PDP is an innovative modular pistol with two clearly different frame sizes and three different slide lengths. All PDP models are optics ready and the gun comes with either a mounting plate for the optics of your choice or a cover plate to keep the factory look. Finding a holster that will match the performance of the PDP is critical to an effective concealed carry setup. This is where the DeSantis holsters come into play.

DeSantis has developed, designed and manufactured some of the best holsters on the market. They use American premium skins and the sturdy plastics that are available for holsters and accessories and are now applying this know-how to the manufacture of holsters for the new Walther PDP pistol.

The broken thumb sheath uses precision molded parts and an optimized draw angle to offer you a professional leather holster. The design positions your gun so that it pops up, making it ideal for quick, intuitive drawing. The unique clamping device of the scabbard holds your weapon securely and allows for increased concealability. Adjustments such as suede lining and / or wicker are also available with a longer delivery time. The belt slots on the scabbard are designed for 1 3/4 inch wide belts, and the holster has an MSRP of $ 78.99.

The DeSantis Speed ​​Scabbard Holster was specially developed for the needs of civilian professionals who prefer a holster without a broken thumb but still need first-class storage for their weapon. In most models of the Speed ​​Scabbard, this is achieved through precise shaping and a clamping screw. The Speed ​​Scabbard for the Walther PDP has belt slots that are 1 3/4 inches wide and the MSRP for the holster is $ 78.99.

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