Shooting Illustrated | First Look: Real Avid Gun-Max Gun Oil

Keeping guns clean and well-groomed is an ongoing task for anyone who owns a firearm. Now, Real Avid, a company long known for making high quality gunsmith parts, offers a full line of gun cleaning lubricants that remove carbon and powder residue on the frame. Keep the barrel of your gun at full power and make sure your gun is well lubricated and ready when you need it.

Real Avid Gun-Max Gun Oil provides extreme corrosion protection and lubrication, and has features that other leading gun oils and cleaning products lack. Gun-Max offers superior performance with high frictional lubrication, corrosion resistance and cold weather viscosity.

Bore-Max Bore Foam removes copper contamination from the barrel of your weapon. The cleaner is chemically engineered to ensure maximum copper removal while still being safe for your gun’s bore with no harsh chemical odor. The solvent works quickly and makes the most of every soak, so you spend less time cleaning.

Cleaning your gun regularly is a great way to reduce malfunctioning moving parts due to contamination and debris build-up. With Foul-Out Gunk Blaster, you can de-darken your weapon anytime, anywhere. This fast evaporating cleaner is safe for polymer surfaces and can be used to quickly blow away burnt powder, oil and grease. As an added bonus, the Foul-Out can has an integrated flip-up straw applicator that turns it into a miniature high-pressure cleaner for your weapon.

MSRP for a 12-ounce can of Gun-Max Gun Oil is $ 12.99, and the 4-ounce liquid bottle of Gun-Max has an MSRP of $ 8.99. A 12-ounce can of Bore-Max Bore Foam or a 12-ounce can of Foul-Out both have an MSRP of $ 12.99. For more information about these cleaning products, as well as other Real Avid devices, visit

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