Shooting Illustrated | First Look: Savage Arms Impulse Straight-Pull Rifle

Savage Arms introduces the Impulse, a new line of American-made rifles that feature a unique straight-pull action that turns the basic function of the traditional bolt into a quick and easy-to-use movement. The new promotion is based on Hexlock, a robust jumper that ensures the reliability, speed, safety and accuracy of Impulse.

“Impetus will redefine the way you think about straight-pull rifles,” said Al Kasper, President and CEO of Savage Arms. “We’ve studied straight pulls for more than a century and we’ve come across the same puzzle over and over again. Straight pulls are quick, but they don’t instill confidence. Speed ​​doesn’t mean anything if you can’t hit what you are aiming for. Impuls is changing that. We’ve incorporated our tradition of accuracy into the mix to create the fastest, most accurate straight-pull rifles ever made. “

The gentle bolt throw of a pulse rifle allows a marksman to intuitively turn rounds without the usual four changes of direction that are common to the path of travel of a conventional bolt. The Impulse’s straight-pull action shortens the split times and allows a shooter to tamper with the stud with less chance of losing its cheek weld. The bolt of action moves back and forth and the shooters don’t have to take their eyes off the target. This increase in speed is essential for effective follow-up shots.

The Hexlock is the heart of Impulse. Six hardened steel bearings lock the bolt in the receiver barrel extension. As the pressure increases, the Hexlock handle becomes tighter and prevents the bolt from moving backwards. As soon as the lap has left the barrel, the pressure eases and the action can be safely opened again by pulling the bolt handle straight.

All pulse rifles have other features that Savage rifles are known for, such as the AccuStock bedding system, AccuFit bearing adjustment system, and the well-known AccuTrigger adjustable trigger.

Impulse is available in three model variants, including tThe Impulse Big Game model built in .243 Win calibers. up to .300 Win. Mag. And get them ready for one-shot drops and quick follow-up. Impulse Predator rifles are available in calibers ranging from the fast .22-250 Rem. Up to 6.5 Creedmoor, which makes it a good option for those who prefer to hunt at the top of the food chain. Impulse Impulse Hog Hunter rifles are housed in calibers that are well suited for fighting wild boars such as: B.308 and .300 Win. Like.

The MSRP for pulse rifles on the Hog Hunter and Predator lines is $ 1,379 while the MSRP for large game rifles is $ 1,449. For more information on these new models and other Savage equipment, please visit

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