Shooting Illustrated | First Look: Versacarry Ranger Holster

An Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster offers you several advantages when worn concealed. An IWB holster holds your gun firmly against your body and keeps it in one place all day. Since your weapon is within the outline of your body, it’s easier to hide than a holster that’s attached to the outside of your belt.

The new Ranger Inside the Waistband holster from Versacarry is designed for a variety of concealed carry pistols. The holster is also compatible with a wide variety of pistols with red dot optics. Versacarry has several functions for the holster that can be comfortably carried all day.

The Ranger holster is made of a hybrid leather and foam construction and is designed for years of use. The holster’s minimal size makes it a convenient holster without adding any additional bulk that may reveal the location of your weapon. The holster also has a padded plush back that hugs the wearer’s skin for added comfort.

The simple on / off clip makes using the Ranger easy. The soft interior of the holster protects the finish of the pistol and helps keep it in place. Additionally, the new Ranger IWB holster is available in four different sizes to suit almost every pistol on the market today.

Versacarry Ranger IWB Holster Features:

  • Suitable for most pistols with red dot sights
  • Holster in the waistband
  • East on / off clip
  • Soft interior to protect the finish
  • Hybrid leather / foam construction
  • Left hand models available
    Vegetable tanned water buffalo leather
  • Industrially bound nylon thread
  • Designed for use with a 1.5 inch wide belt

The MSRP for the Ranger IWB holster is $ 29.00. For more information on this article and other Versacarry products, please visit

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