Shooting Illustrated | First Photographs: Lone Wolf LTD19 Pistol

When it comes to Glock clones, few companies are as well positioned to build a complete pistol as Lone Wolf, who has been in the accessories business for over two decades. After listening to every possible request to improve the Glock 19, the company decided to introduce its own complete pistol, the LTD19, in 2021.

The LTD 19 that we had to check was chambered in 9 mm and had a silver slide and a black polymer frame. Various other color schemes are available for those interested, including all black colors. The LTD19 has a grip angle closer to that of the 1911, giving it a more natural point, as well as a rounded trigger guard to reduce the “glock knuckle”. An elongated beavertail will protect your thumb webbing, while a lesser mass on a cut out sled will reduce the overall recoil of the felt.

Speaking of the slide: aggressive teeth at the front and rear make handling easier. An issued magazine protects your little finger well from getting jammed while changing the magazine and helps to keep it firmly under control when firing. Likewise, all components are Glock compatible, making upgrades quite easy and straightforward.

The LTD19 weighs 19 ounces and has a 4-inch barrel with an overall length of 7.16. The trigger was set at 5 pounds, 4 ounces. The MSRP for the LTD19 is $ 699.

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