Shooting Illustrated | New for 2020: Ruger LCP II 22LR

One of the newest Ruger pistols to see at SHOT 2020 was the head-scratching LCP II in .22 LR. The LCP and LCP II are known to be extremely compact pocket-sized self-defense weapons, but their .380 ACP chamber is already considered by many to be marginal. Why go to an even smaller caliber?

Micro-compact self-defense weapons often have a well-earned reputation for being a challenge to inexperienced shooters due to their stiff slides and powerful recoil. The LCP II 22LR uses the system referred to by Ruger as Lite Rack, with which the slide can be stacked easily using both internal and external functions. In addition, the .22 LR chambering makes it easier to shoot the LCP II compared to the .380 ACP version – not to mention that it is easier to reach the target for faster and more accurate follow-up shots.

Marketing definitely says that.

Actually shooting on Media Range Day? An extremely pleasant surprise. The gun was easy to use, including an innovative approach to manual safety that is pushed forward to fire, an intuitive direction, especially when pulling it out of a holster. And while small guns often have more recoil than expected for the caliber, the LCP II was downright comfortable and fun to shoot in .22 LR.

Rimfire calibers may not be attractive to many for self-defense, but high-speed projectiles can still be effective when properly placed. The more shootable nature of the LCP II 22LR makes it a viable option for defenders who need a very small pistol due to carrying restrictions or hand size and strength. This also makes it an excellent training analogue to the standard LCP and LCP II.

The LCP II 22LR lasts four laps more than the LCP II 380 with a capacity of 10 + 1 and offers manual security. The same accessories as the .380 ACP version can also be used, including holsters and the like, but no (possibly obvious) magazines. The MSRP is $ 349.

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