Shooting SCCY’s DVG-1 & CPX-2 at F.I.R.E. Expo ::

When we went through the FIRE Expo in Florida, we came across something SCCY’s Advertisement of the new DVG-1 pistol released in 2020. Both are known CPX-2 and the newer DVG-1 are compact carrying pistols on the side of the microphone. They’re also available and coming in at affordable prices optic optionsHowever, the newer DVG-1 offers some advantages for concealed carrying.

It was great to see SCCY in Florida and to have the opportunity to test its product lines. Here’s a quick rundown of the two guns after we got them within range.


The double-acting CPX-2 is robust, but also has about as many colors as a huge box of colored pencils. (Photo: SCCY)

The CPX-2 was SCCY’s tacker. With a polymer frame that weighs just 15 ounces, the CPX-2 holds 10 cartridges, which is very respectable given its size. The trigger is the most noticeable aspect when picking up the CPX-2. In fact, the double-acting trigger serves as the weapon’s only safety mechanism, although some SCCY variants are also equipped with a thumb safety device. However, the trigger results in a very long reset of the trigger. At nearly half an inch it feels like having to travel the full length of the trigger before snapping back into place. The 8 pound pull is pretty heavy too.

People newer to disguising the carry may appreciate the trigger as it would be very difficult to accidentally fire the gun. However, the trigger takes a lot of training to learn and use efficiently. The narrow handle and short 3.1-inch barrel also lead to a certain push-button after each shot, which can be trained but becomes clear when shooting. However, it feels very well built and solid.

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The SCCY DVG-1 is the company’s first pistol to be fired by a striker and features a flat trigger. (Photo: Taylor Thorne /

The DVG-1 is the first SCCY pistol to be fired by Stürmer, breaking new ground for the company. The base specs are the same as the CPX-2, but offer a flat trigger with a lighter pull that weighs just 5.5 pounds. The move away from a hammer-fired weapon in the striker really shows in the trigger.

If the CPX-2 has a long trigger reset, the DVG-1 halves this for easier follow-up recordings. In addition to the reduced pull of 5.5 pounds, the trigger is also much crisper and feels softer overall. This is still a small gun, so the DVG-1’s shooting still has the CPX-2’s snapshot. But the trigger feels a lot more nifty. With the DVG-1, SCCY has improved its game.

Why choose SCCY?

SCCY is an affordable manufacturer of concealed carried weapons. If you’re looking for something compact and reliable, these two guns are great choices. The important piece is reliability. During three days of demos with several people testing both CPX-2 and DVG-1, very few, if any, malfunctions occurred. Given the price, you’d expect the SCCY to feel cheap in your hands, but it doesn’t. It has the same sense of quality as a Glock or Smith & Wesson.

At around $ 300, these guns lower the barrier to entry into the hidden world of carrying without sacrificing quality. For an additional hundred dollars, you can opt for one with that Crimson trace optics. Having optic-ready pistols at this price is great. Typically this feature is saved for more expensive firearm options. So take a look at SCCY and see what you think.

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